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Go to College/University? Yes or No?


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Alright, for those who do not know me I will introduce myself. I go by GLegend thats my nickname as well as my username. It used to be my DJ name when I used to spin tracks in middle school and in my first year in high school. Currently I'm in grade 12. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I love soo much, which I plan to marry after we grauduate. I love cars, I'm really into automotive I've done all the work to my Sliver '92 GMC Jimmy. I also do all the work on my parents cars.

All my life I've always show interest and a deep passion for certain things which could lead to me to have my life set (career wise), but everyone has always put their 2 cents in and always have made me change my mind.

Close to the end of grade 6 and the begging of grade 7 I got really into DJing and by grade 8 I was into music production. I bought all the equipment and I still have it right now works and everything and all the music. By this point I had realized that this was my calling and I was planning to get into the music industry but then everyone in my family somehow talked me out of it. This is how I met my girlfriend I was DJing the school dance in grade 7 and thats how I met her. So everyone convinced me that I should be a computer programmer, so they made me believe that just cause I could do computer repair. But then I realized I dont want to do that and I got into designing things but then they gave me the old one two that computers will do everything and their is no need to do that work. So now I've picked automotive well the past few years as a hobbie. So right now I'm planning on pursuing a career as a mechanic, but also I've sparked an interest in real estate.

Now it is coming time for me to apply for college or university. But I dont know if I should apply or not. No one can really give me advice. Like no one cares. Ive talked with my girlfriend about it and she's told me that she know I like all those and whatever I do she will always be their for me and love me. Unlike my parents. I've asked my mom to call her cousin who is a real estate agent/broker to find out what kind of education I would need but she always say yea and doesnt call. Whenever I talk to my dad he tells me whatever. So my parents dont really show any interest, while my guidance counsellor just says she'll get me the information but doesnt. So now I dont know what to do should I apply or not? Also money is kind of tight right now.

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Lots of ppl do it. My mom's a real estate agent and she never went to a college in the US. You just take some classes for $200 and start at the bottom selling for very low commission until you get more clients and bigger connections.


It's very stressful at first negotiating between buyers and seller, you'll have to drive all day and your phone will never stop ringing. You have to put up ads in a lot of newspaper and make business cards. You'll also have to invest heavily on a navigation system and that might be a bit costly for someone your age.




if it doesn't work out, go to college.


My mom's comission was $5,000 for her very first house, it's like a month of work for some people.

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You see its like this for me everytime I get something, someone takes if away from me. An example would be when you get a good grade someone else gets a better one, or when you buy a new car and someone else goes and buy a BMW or a Benz and everyone goes to that more expensive vehicle.


Even if I switch guidance counselors it wont help cause they dont really care, like some of them smoke and they go after every appointment to go for a cigarette. So its like I'm damned if I and I'm damned if I dont.

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