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A "little bit of hope" story

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I posted this on an off topic thread called DIG, which was on Healing from break up or divorce at one time~it was suggested that it might be helpful over here as well since it deals with the passing on of a friend and the struggles of another to go on. It's a true story, please excuse the spelling and grammar.



"I'm going to share a story about life.

One of my closest friends and I met here at my job 10 years ago.

We are close in age and have allot in common so we just became fast friends.

He was with his girlfriend of 8 years, and I had been with mine for about 7.

He was 35 and had never been married, or had children and although he loved kids, his GF Lisa could no have children.

Anyway, one night he called, very late, he wanted top be sure both myself and my gf at the time were both on the phone. Lisa, his Gf had just died suddenly from a brain anuerysm on her way home from work. She was 38. They had just bought a home together, it was October, and they had tickets to go to Cancun for Thanksgiving. All of a sudden he had lost his entire world. He couldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't think. I took him with me on my vacation that year. We all took turns calling him and making sure we invited him everywhere, sometimes he would go, mostly he would not. He was so depressed we worried for his life. Love, love him and pray for him was allwe could do for him, no one had the answers.

A year passed and, with time he begin to eat again, and to sleep again and to adapt. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever watched someone do. But life has a funny way of just happeneing, you see~

I have another friend as well, her name is Cheryl and, after about a year and a half or so Kenneth (thats his name) and Cheryl began to date. Then, about a year after that they moved in together...Next friday~their baby boy will

(I love him!!) will be one year old. (Ken is now 45) Tonight I am going to his birthday party~ (the babies)

Kenneth's cup runneth over. Mine runneth over for him.


Life It's not over just because we think it is, or just because it doesn't go the way we planned it or because it feels like it is over feels l.. it's not over it's over, hope is alive and well, if we will just embrace it."

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