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Illusion of a relationship

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Would you want someone you liked and were into to give you the "illusion" of a relationship, aka do all the stuff associated with relationship (kiss, hug, cuddle, hold hands, be romantic, etc), while you knew that that the person wasn't into you that way but was willing to give you what you wanted?


Knowing that the person wasn't into you but liked you and was caring enough to give you the "illusion" would you still experience it, knowing what you knew? You also know that you are lonely and don't have friends and have a hard time finding relationships.


Why or why not? Nobody is getting hurt and the person is not out to hurt you.

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What is the difference between an illusion and a delusion here? The situation reminds me of the ultimate pain one feels after the relationship has ended but there continues to be the 'hanging on', no matter what the two of you do there is that nagging emptiness. On the other hand if you see it for all that it is and still want to spend your time with this person and it is not hurting you, truly, then go for it.


I tried to do this with my ex but I think it was too hard because we once had plans and dreams. It was hard because where there was once an open road ahead of us it became a brick wall, a dead end. And it was all pain.


Be careful, and don't you deserve something real? It is hard being alone but it is better than being used or unloved by someone.

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Illusion: something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality

no I wouldn't want that!!!


It's misleading, while one is are falling in love - the other is faking it & going through the motions.

One days she will realize she's in love & she's been mislead. And the pain will be far greater than accepting the truth now.

I'm guessing the individual wants something real, don't we all. Not just an illusion, because reality kicks in at some point.

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