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Well like you said, I did ask, We were like that too ,. We have known each other for 9 years, we were together 5, and we had sex everytime we saw each other which was almost everyday. We broke up, spetn 4 years apart and just recently got back together because we both realized we were stillvery much in love


Now the problem apparently comes from his work and in turn lifestyle now. I dont work, Im a student so I have a lot of free time.


He lives and hour apart and he still pretty much sees me everyday, but I guess I have to understand that work and driving must be tiring for him.


I mean its amazing to see this man fall asleep. He literally puts his head down and in 30 seconds more or less you start to notice the dep breathing associated with sleeping. on top he can sleep 10 to 13 hours straight just because.


Me on the other hand dont like to sleep very much, 6 hours is normal for me and I take a long time to fll asleep. I guess what Im trying to say is not everyone is the same, and we change acording to our lifestly and maybe even because of age. We started dating when I was 13 (we didnt have sex until I was 15) but still he is 4 years older. Im 22 now, he is 25 goin ginto 26 soon, and with job driving, and responsabilities(he niow lives alone and has bills , something he didnt when we first started0


Still I want to know, when do you find the time to be at it 10 times or more a week?? I mean Iknow I could, but with his work and everything I dont think we would have time.

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