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Very overwhelming week! and scary too!!!

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Hey guys!!


I am so glad I am home safe and sound!!! Some scary black car with tinted windows was following me about 30 minutes ago!!! I took out my phone and started dialling some number and the driver took off. I am almost sure, he was going to grab me into the car...Thank God I am safe...


Ok...here is whats been happening so far...Post Christmas, I was getting ready to go to work...and my car did not start..so I had to ask my husband for a ride...he was grumpy and had to pick me up for lunch again and in the evening I called at 5.20...he said he was coming...my home is less than 10 mins from work...i waited outside the office and called back again at 5.40..he did not answer..so i called at 5.50 and he said he was starting...and he finally showed up at 6..and i was waiting outside in the cold dark street..i usually dont take it so bad, but this mean co-worker at work kinda yelled at me earlier (she is a bully with everbody) and I was so mad for that already..


so anyway my husband and I did not talk much that night...Wednesday was also pretty much quiet..until in the evening my damn muffler fell down from the car..what a lousy luck!!! so i had to call him...needless to say he was mad...so he came and we needed to temprorily fix it and then drive back home with the cars...it took 2 hours...i wanted to call AAA, but he was not even listening to what I said...he just wanted to fix it himself...ok..so i thanked him for the favor, but he was still very mad at me..so i asked him whats up..he said he was tired of me...


so i decided to leave it at that...was too hurt to talk....today he offered to drop me at work, so i accepted and thanked...and said i was gonna skip lunch...and he took my car to the mechanic and fixed it..and i thanked...and then in the evening, i just decided to walk home..BIG mistake


work is like less than a mile..so it was not such a bad walk...but for about 10 mins, i was on the highway shoulder...the traffic is clogged up there..so it is slow traffic..but a cop pulled over and checked if I was okay...


i was walking home briskly, and about 5 mins in front of home, this scary black car pulls over close to me..i cant see much inside as it was tinted windows...he was followng me..i got all scared and pulled out my phone and started dialling...and then as i started talking into the phone, he drove off..but man what a scary lousy experience


i seriously need some cheer..new year is around the corner, and i am having such a lousy time...oh to top it off, my project is finishing sometime soon, and i need to find a new job...i cant leave this city that i hate so much, coz of a ******* lease which will make me pay 3000+ if i leave before the termination of lease!!!!


life sucks today


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Sorry to hear you're hitting a rough patch right now, I'm so glad you're safe though! No more walking alone at night, please! Okay?


Sounds like you and the hubby need to break out of a rut. Suggest something fun and spontaneous to him that you will both enjoy!


Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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thanks dogheadma!! glad to know some1 is concerned for my well-being...i realize that walking alone in the dark is probably the dumbest thing i did this year..so will never repeat it ever again..


abt my hubby..he's hurt me so much in the past couple days...i dint even see it coming that he was "tired" of me...


basically, i have done everything possible to make him comfortable..but he is upset that he had to drive me to work a couple days..and he is already tired of me? guess he has no idea that marriage is about caring and sharing for each other..i generally try to not ask for favors...and now that i was needy a couple days, i m annoying!!!


its rare we even fight...the last time we fought was around my birthday.. 4 months ago..and needless to say, i had a sad birthday for most part...and now i just realized that i am ALWAYS the one that tries to make up...this time, i m just tired to make the 1st move...we are still on "cordial" terms..i always try to not say mean things or swear when i m upset..its mature, but a fight neverthless...


am just gonna wait and watch..but judging from past exerience, if i dont make the first move, i am gonna have a lonely new years eve


just venting...sorry if i m boring ya all

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