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"Need Help My Friends..Going to my ex's hometown"

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Hey Everybody-


Like many others I have been struggling with letting go and moving on after the end of my relationship. Im starting to feel that maybe something is wrong with me. You see my ex and i broke up two years ago but she has come back into my life several times since then. She made me feel for months that she loved me and wanted to be with me again. This only led to her leaving and disappearing.


Anyways next week i am visiting her hometwon in Las Vegas. She doesnt live there anymore since she has moved back east. I have been back once since the breakup but at that time she was back in my life and we were talking everyday. Well I havnt spoken to her since I saw her last September except a few text messages that she sent me. Anyhow I am so anxious and sad about going on my trip. The anxiety is killing me and I just know that i will think of all the good memories we had there. You know eating dinner, gambling together, going to the same clubs that I am sure we will go to this trip. I wanna back out of the trip so bad but I know that if I do she will win and I will hurt alot of my buddies feelings.


What can i do to get through this?? I get so anxious just thinking about it and I am not even there yet. I know this sounds so childish but its really hurting me inside.


You guys here are all so great. I have lived on this site since my breakup and I am so gratefull for all of you. Please, please give me some advice on how I can get through this


Thanks 7out102

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Thanks for your reply, I do appreciate it. Its so funny because its been quite along time since the break-up and my ex does not even live there anymore. Its just so hard and I almost wanna back out of the trip because of this. However like I said earlier, if I do that, my ex will win. I live a great life. Im leaving for British Columbia tomorrow for New Years to go snowboarding for 5 days, then I have a 12 hour window before I take off for Vegas. Wish me luck my friend. I know that this will be very tough for me. Like I said last time i went we were talking again and she called me everyday when i was there. I just wish that she would call me before I go. I would not talk to her but it would make the trip so much easier. The anxiety of being there kills me but its Vegas and it would be ashame to never wanna go back there again. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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