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my g.f of two years broke up with me a month ago. shes a year younger than me and this year i went off to college 2 hours away. she said it was too hard to be away from each. she needed time. i tried really hard to get her back at first but it didnt work so i left her alone for a few weeks. Now im home for over a month on break all i want to do is see her. shes all i think about. i love her so much. i know shes hooked up with anohter guy and i dont really even no how serious it is but i dont think its anything. i've called/talked to her a few times but she says she cant see me thats its too soon. one time she called me crying drunk saying she missed me and all this stuff but the next day said she didnt remember anything. what do i do? i no i should probably just give her space but im going back to school in a month and i cant fix anything while being there. I just want to spend this time together. im not happy at all. is there anything i can do?

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Sorry you are hurting, but yes, it's important to just feel your feelings, but do NOT act on them, you will get through this, and honestly if you know she is involved with someone else then the self respecting thing to do is to not contact her... how would you feel if you made a choice to re-act to these "holiday at home missing her feelings" only to have her say, "sorry, I'm dating someone right now, and if you want to be "buddies" I guess that might be okay"... how would you feel if that is her response? Would you be 'okay" inside yourself? Think this through, sure you are hurting now, those feelings are strong, especially now that you are home for break, but I promise these feelings will someday pass, probably sooner than you think, so just be careful about making the choice to "re-act" to these feelings...

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one time she called me crying drunk saying she missed me and all this stuff but the next day said she didnt remember anything.


Not sure what her motive is but I def. agree with rsxguy520... I wouldn't give her the time of day -- I know somebody just like this, and when I look back I wish I just started walking the other way without looking back.

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yes, that's right, the "drinking and dialing" episode, was simply a "selfish moment" for her, just a "moment".. so do NOT take it to heart.. you can not take "moments" of "contact" to heart, just like you can not take the "negative moments' to heart either.. she is on her "life journey" respect it, do not take it personally and remember that YOU do not need to waste any more energy on anyone who is not making an intentional effort to be in your life....

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