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Hair or no hair, that is the question

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I'm very picky about facial hair on guys. I don't like mustaches at all. A beard is ok if it's short and well kept. I totally dig a nicely shaped and short goatee. And I'm all over that whole, "I haven't shaved in 2 days" look. (Any more than a 2 day look and it's not working for me.) Naked face is ok too.


And as far as body hair on guys... I like my men with hair. Not ape-like hair, but some chest, arm and leg hair is fine. If he trims or shaves his "privates" that's ok.

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I like moustaches, beard and a five o'clock shadow looks sexy to me too. I hate hate hate goutees though, for some reason. They just look evil to me or something. They remind me of Lucifer I guess,

As far as body hair goes. I don't want the guy to be an ape, but i really like chest hair on a guy. Especially if he has a nice chest. A little is nice but a hairy chest is pretty sexy too. Can anyone remember Magnum P.I. or Sean Connery in 007 Movies where he had to wear no shirt... Grrrrr.

Anyway... i also like hairy legs on a guy for some reason.. but and hairy arms okay.. as long as the upper arm really isn't hairy. I don't like back hair though.

I also like it when the guy has like a little trail of hair from his belly button on down. I really don't want to see the guy shave off his pubic hair. I'd much rather deal with hair than stubble down there.

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My girlfriend has "fair" "baby" hair on her face and arms. But i dont mind, i like her for what she is on the inside and she also has a stunning body



Lucky lady for you to see her like that! My partner is the same - he understands the light hair on my arms etc is not me turning into a werewolf..

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clean-shaven is fine. stubble is way sexy. mustaches are creepy. i don't really like goatees at all, nor do i like beards.


as for body hair, for some reason, i like 'em skinny and hairless (or close to it). i don't really like "manly men" with muscles and a lot of chest hair... pubes and leg hair are okay, but back hair or more than a light patch of chest hair is kind of gross to me. i like soft, silky boys.

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Chest hair = eww. Happy Trail = Sexy. Facial hair = Depends.


Facial hair is ok, but like some of the other ladies have said, it gets a bit scratchy. I don't like moustaches, only a little stubble on the chin. I guess it depends on the person too.

Some guys look good with some things, some guys look horrible with some things.

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Facial hair - Bit of stubble sometimes very pretty, and shows, to me, that you're the type to not bother shaving every day, which I like. Depends a bit on your face and hair colour how long you can leave it before you start looking seedy, though. Don't like beards or moustaches and I *hate* the little stylish goatee things.


Chest hair - take what the good lord gives you and do NOT under any circumstances (except Olympic swimming competition) wax anything.

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As little hair as possible.


My boyfriend couldn't grow a beard if he tried and I think he has accomplished the growth of maybe one little hair on his chest. He is the hairless wonder and it's very sexy. He's got the smoothest face after he shaves and beautiful skin that women envy, why hide it under stubblies?


My ex also had trouble growing facial hair and didn't get chest hair until we had been together for about 3 years. He waxed after that.


I like the Michelangelo's "David" look...yummy

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facial hair... I'm good either way. It really depends on the person.


My guy has a beard and I love it! If he trims it short it'll be scratchy for a few days (not my favorite part) but 99% of the time its long enough to just feel soft. Right now its about three times the size of this picture...




I like his chest hair too -- it's no sweater!! It's pretty thin and he doesn't have any on his back and shoulders.

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