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Does anyone else feel like they got the rug pulled out from under them when they divorced.My ex seems from my point of view changed into a totally different person.I never thought she would do what she did.Does anyone feel like their ex didnt try or put some effort into saving the marriage.Then on top of that I feel like she was cheating on me maybe not physically but emotionally with someone else.So many unanswered ? and I guess I never will know.I just dont know where it went wrong so quick.I guess if she wouldnt have gotten involved with someone else so fast,it made me feel like I meant nothing to her.And the guy she is with what a winner,cheated on his ex,then cheated in his last relationship,I just dont know why she would leave all we had worked for in life to get where we were at for someone with a track record like that.Believe me I had my faults but nothing we couldnt have worked through and to just give up like she did just leaves me heart broken and I miss my daughter something awful.I get her just as much as my ex and I am thankful for that but I still feel like I am going to miss out on so much.Sorry for the rambling but sometimes just need to vent.

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yea it felt something like that. it was like i was running and i thought my future with my ex was so clear to me. then wham! i guess, an invisible wall was put in front of me. invisible wall in effect, i hit it hard, nose bleeding and all.


but i learning to run my own route now.. not with him anymore.

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