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Ok, first thing you should know is, I'm only 14, and this is stupid that I'm feeling like this.


I've liked this girl for a while.... and I mean a LONG time. I'm in grade 9 now, and she was my first crush ever way back in grade 1 and it's continued all the way until present day. Ive liked other girls before, but ive always liked this girl. There's something special about her, and I really cant explain it. I didnt know her so well back in elementary school, but around a couple years ago she started coming to me for relationship advice. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain friendship points and help her out, I helped her get her little grade 8 flings back on track.


Unfortunately for me, she started going out with a guy thats 3 years older than her in the summer and i helped them out with some issues that they had (the guy lives a 2-hour ferry ride accross from the mainland). They havent broken up (no thanks to me).


Now, this guy came over to her place 2 weeks ago, and was telling secrets with her brother while she was "asleep". Obviously, wanting to know more about her bf she faked being asleep and listened in. BIG MISTAKE. She heard alot of stuff she wished she hadnt. He frequently smokes pot, gets drunk and got alot of handjobs by a bunch of girls in grade 9. She asked him before their relationship started if hed ever done any of these things and he lied about it.


So, she ignored him the rest of that stay 2 weeks ago, since she couldnt believe hed lied to her about all that. He came back to stay the night today, and she asked me to come over because she was really nervous and maybe i could help. She hasnt told him yet what she heard that night while she was "asleep". So I came over, and i met this guy, but as soon as they got home i realized he was working really hard to make her recognize him again, and fall for him, because he didnt know why she ignored him last time. And i could see he was started to win her back with all this sweet talk, becuase deep down she still had feelings for him and they were awakening again.


You guys need to understand, I really really like this girl and I have for a long time, and even though I do find it slightly shallow that shes forgiving this guy so quickly, I do still like her alot. And she really is a good person, and she usually has better judgement than this.


Now I dunno what to do. I feel like theres nothing i can do, and im beginning to think im just plain not good enough for her anymore. She goes to a different school than me, but she trusts me with more than she does with alot of her girl friends.


Also, I noticed one other thing. Her family absolutely adores me. her brother (a few years older than me) thinks im really cool because i play the guitar pretty well, and stuff, and her parents always have a big smile whenever they see me.


Anyway, I really don't know what to do. I need to be able to deal with this somehow, but i just dunno how. I was getting these incredible, almost uncontrolable urges to put my arm around her at times tonight. Any advice at all would help.


PS Thanks for reading this very long post

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who knows, maybe she has feelings for you too but is just waiting for you to act... think of it this way.. if you tell her you like her what's the worse that can happen?? She says she just wants to stay friends? Fine, you already know that you can be her friend. If you don't tell her your feelings you'll never know if she feels the same way and you'll spend alot of time wondering "what if?".... just tell her!! You don't really have anythign to lose... good luck!

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