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Anyone know about peircings?

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get some sea salt... pure seasalt, make sure it has NO iodine in it.

add just a wee pinch to BOILING water and wait for it to cool a bit until it is hot, but not overly so.


Then soak your peircing with a cotton ball for about 10 mins.


Sea salt is a natural anti-septic without being so harsh it will make things worse by irritating your navel. It also draws out any unwanted material (pus, crusted blood) from your piercing.

It works really well, its what I use on mine.


DONT use savlon or anything, its way to harsh... all you need is seasalt and boiled water, twice a day

(use a cotton bud to clean right in your belly button and another to dry it off, too... belly buttons are pretty grotty)


Good luck

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welcome to enotalone.


what do you mean by "Something is going weird?" could you be more specific? Puss? irritation? You should go back to the piercer, where you had the piercing done and have them take a look at it. They will be able to tell you what to do.


and don't touch it or play with it, or wear clothes that irritate it.

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If its pussing or weeping, use the salt water method as posted above. Wear low waisted trousers if you can. Only touch it when cleaning it, and make sure your fingers are clean. Do not remove it no matter how bad you think it is. If you are considering taking it out, consult a piercing artist or your GP.


Trust me, I went ALL wrong with mine. You regret it when you're stuck back on that chair, having a blunt needle smothered in vaseline being wacked straight back through the wound.

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well i;ve had my button peirced since june, and we just moved into a new house...


Well I notice a pussed up spot under the bottom hole, which I thought was a bug bite, well I cleaned it out, and have been keeping it clean.


Well I was puttin my ring back in and wanted to make sure everything was clear from the top hole, so I put the ring in the opposit way, well it came out where that spot was. So now I have 2 exit holes i guess you could say! Why is this?

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