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miserable marriage - don't love my wife but we have 2 small kids

this sucks

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  • 5 years later...

why did u guys marry?if u didnt like her?and the sooner u tell her the truth.the better.honesty is,IS ,the best policy.




now since u have progressed with the woman u married,u must somehow try to forget this new girl u love.because after all.u already have something.and u will create a mess.atleast allow the kids to grow up.and till then.do not be in contact with the one u love.try rebuilding marriage.and the one u love she will have to bear the wrath of being the other one in someone's(ur wife)life.so till ur kids mature.try communicating with ur wife.let her know that how u feel.give her suggestions.tell her to understand.tell her that u will help her.and till then do not contact this other lady.and see if u can fall in love with ur wife.this way u will stop a huge tragedy.in the lives of 5 people.as such u havent progressed much in ur new love life.and maybe u fell in love because u were not that involved with ur wife.

i suggest u to rethink the reasons u married her.and fall in love with her again.encourage happiness.and in years when are kids are mature enough and u two are going along well.then no option.else.u can separate.but u must let ur wife know the fact that u r very unhappy and the marriage is in trouble.and that the reason u r together is kids.and u would want to live hsppily together.and that she should understand u and support u and change her ways.else you will have to divorce.(i dont think u should tell her about the other lady).communication is essential.

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