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I just comfirmed my gf was cheating on me by reading her text message she sent her boss on xmas eve! Yup thats right!!! her boss and xmas eve!

I'll admit things havent been great recently but thats no reason/excuse for her to her boss on several occasions is it????

She tells me it was 4 times about 2 or 3 weeks ago and can says its because I drove her to it by being suspicious and snooping. Her defense is that if she is being accused of something she may as well be doing it.

Now I know this is not the real reason, I'm pretty sure I know why. About 2 months ago she abruptly moved out and after that we were trying to work it out. I, however was not really giving it a true effort. I suppose she knew this and figured we were done. That is what it is....

My question is do I see her again to help me forgive her so I can move on and should I want her back???

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I don't think anyone can answer your questions. Most who would say, would say to run from her. But the main question you need to answer is could you ever trust her again? I would worry in this case, because she is blaming you for her cheating. Not good.

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I am sure it is done for. Its just very hard to take. I suppose I wanted it be on my own terms and not end in this manner. I also see it as a challenge, however twisted that may seem.

I know this girl ripped my guts out and I know she very well could do it again and yet I still want her to be here with me. is that????

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You're right there was no excuse for her to cheat on you. If the relationship was so rocky, she could have acted like a mature adult and break up with you, not run off another man's arm, esp. her boss. You may love her but she doens't love you the way you do. The fact that there's not even one bit of remorse in her shows you what type of person you're with. Point is she will cheat again given the chance, there's a lot of fishes in the tank and she's an ugly one.

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She cheated on you, with no regards to your feelings and has the nerve to give you the lame line of "You drove me to cheat" Which is complete bull! I w ould never want to see her again. It's probably easiest for you to just move on and forget about her. Why would you want her back? She would probably just do it agian.


Agreed. To the curb with this one bro.

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