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Hi. A little embarrassing but anyway.. I've never been able to make my guy cum with hand or blowjob. And I read everywhere that other girls are doing it like so easily. I just don't get it. He really likes what I'm doing and says it doesn't matter if he's not getting an orgasm that way but I would really like him to. Even if it's just for once, to prove myself I'm able to do it.

Any advice is appreciated..

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Hmmmm....It's not your fault at all. Everyone is different. There are alot of things that could be going "wrong". Maybe he's not thinking the right things? Maybe he needs some foreplay? Maybe you should wait a couple of days before you have sexual contact. Usually when my BF and I go a couple of days without doing anything, the day we do do it, it takes no time. I guess cuz you want to do it so bad, and you don't, it just builds up. *shrug*. Just use some lotion or something when you do it with the hand, and put all your attention on the head when you do the blow job. Good Luck!!

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You can have a guy begging for more, moaning louder than possible, and swearing your a god, and he still may not cum from oral. Certain guys, need certain things to make them cum, just like women.


I can't even begin to say how many times I have been in this situation. Out of all the BJ's and HJ's I've gotten, I would say about a handful would be what I would consider really good. The others just were ehhhhh (though they felt good) or bad. I think most guys are afraid to be honest because they feel the girl would stop if they complain lol. Or they say they stuff you said because they are just so happy just to be getting any lol.


But back to the point, there have been many times, I have to almost meditate or something to get myself over the hump to ejaculate. Squeezing of the muscles down there too.


To the OP, you can always ask him what he likes though he probably would just say you do it fine (for the reason I said). Or if possible, watch a bunch of adult scenes of them. Many of them aren't good either but there are some that are and after a while, you can tell which are and aren't.

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maybe you are too rough and he doesn't want to say anythig LOL. Hold the stick softer.


Besides, do oral and switc to hand for a while (its all about rubbing an stimulating with out to much friction). Eventually go faster with out slowing down.


In my opinion I think its all about communication, you gotta let your partner know where you at and how you want them to proceed (for the first few times until they know whats going on).

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Thanks so much to all of you for your thoughts ! It was couraging and really got me thinking about other angles too. Like him not telling me everything in fear of making me feel bad. We usually never have any foreplay (except for some kissing) before I go down on him because it never leads to intercourse. As for HJ.. learning something new really might change the experiance it gave me hope things can get better.

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