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Stastisical Analysis of Religious Marriages

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I was browsing the net and decided to do some quick research. I looked into divorce statistics. I referenced national averages from many sites and the mean of them all is around 44%. The divorce rate among Jewish marriages is about 29%. The rate for Christian and Roman Catholic couples was about 25%. These aren't the exact numbers. They are the mean of several sites I looked at.


The last two I referenced were quite surprising. The divorce rate among agnostic and atheist couples was 20%. Quite lower than religious institutions. Before I list the last one I will explain how it effects my life.


My girlfriend and I are both Mormon. We had a rocky beginning, but it looks like everything is coming together. Our religion is very strict on things like what you can and can't eat, how you dress, no profanity, no alcohol, no premarital sex, no abortion, no coffee or tea, no drugs,...and who and how you marry, among many other things. We strive to get married in what we call a Temple. We consider it holy ground. You can't go in if you're not worthy (taking part in any of the above) or if you aren't Mormon. No family can come inside to watch unless they have been through it themselves and are worthy. Now, all this seems very strict to me. I haven't been a member for very long. But it all made sense to me when I saw the divorce rate among Mormon couples who were married and sealed in the Temple. 6%.


I've always noticed how much stronger Mormon families and marriages are than other homes. I know there are strong marriages and families whom are other religions as well as atheist. I'm not saying there aren't. But almost every Mormon family I encounter lives the much strived for "American dream". I figured this site was a good place to post this thought, since it involves love and marriage. I didn't see any rules about not making references to religion, so I apologize if there are any.


If anyone has any comments, please share!

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I think that similar philisophical outlooks are important when it comes to couples compatibility, but as far as the type of belief goes, I wouldn't think that any one has an advantage over another of being successful in the long term. And when I say "successful" I don't mean just staying together, but also being happy to do so.

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I wonder given those numbers, of those couples who stayed together, how many of them are *truly* happy?



Good point.


While the stats you cite may have a lower divorce rate for certain religions, you also have to take into account that those folks choose to stay in a religion that has a long list of restrictions for its members. Point is, these may be folks who are more likely to "tow the line" because an authority (no less than God, in this case) says this is how things should be. The ramifications and fallout of a divorce may be much less desirable to that kind of person than a person who is of no fixed religion, f'rinstance.


Just because people stay married for a long period of time doesn't mean they are happy or in healthy relationships. My parents have been married for over 40 years. Last I knew they'd been sleeping in separate rooms for about the last 15 years, have very little (if anything) in common and don't seem to even like each other very much. Some people would say staying together for that long is success in and of itself...but personally, I couldn't see living like that.

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Regardless of whether one is religious or not, one should take it slow and follow strict guidelines before entering into marriage. It should be mandatory that all couples wanted to get married take premarital counselling courses. After all, people have to study and pass a test before getting a driving license. thereforeeee, people should be forced to study marriage and relationships before being allowed to legally marry. So regardless of whether one is Mormon or not, everyone should be forced to follow very strict rules and only be allowed to marry under certain conditions.


Also, remember that the Bible is also filled with stories of people who followed God and whose marriages ended in shambles. For example, read the story about Abraham and Hagar, David and his infidilities, the conflict between Isaac and Rachel over the blessing giving to Jacob, just to name a few. And then there is Lot who slept with his daughters after his wife was turned into a pillar of salt. And where was Jesus' father when he was growing up ?? A lot of religious people also have messed up families...

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thereforeeee, people should be forced to study marriage and relationships before being allowed to legally marry. So regardless of whether one is Mormon or not, everyone should be forced to follow very strict rules and only be allowed to marry under certain conditions...



I'm glad to live in the free world.

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Students in high school are forced to study mathematics that they will never use in real life. Every educational system in the world forces students to learn things they don't want to learn. So if they are being forced to learn anyway, why not force them to learn something practical, rather than force them to learn something that will probably be of no use to them. Marriage and family courses should be taught from grade 1 to 12.

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Whoa! I'd be glad to list my sources. I'll have to round them all up tomorrow since its 2am. My screen name is "Follow Me" because that is the Army Infantry motto. I'm a veteran. Don't worry, I'm not here to recruit people into my cult . My beliefs are my own. I haven't been a member of the Church for very long, and I was just opening up and sharing my own private beliefs to see other's perspective on marriage. Not out of a sense of elitism or for recruiting purposes. If someone disagrees with my point of view, I'm happy to hear it. If a person is never shown their errors, they can never grow. I threw some numbers in there so it wouldn't turn into another dry religious debate. Some interesting points were made. I will have to browse them all tomorrow. My bed is calling.

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