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How "6th grade girlie" is this?


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So... I was hanging out at the bar where I work the other night. My friend stopped by with a few of her friends. One of her friends was this totally hot guy. There were a few times during the evening that I got the vibe the hot guy was into me. But there were about a dozen of us so it was tough to have some QT for the two of us to talk. So I talked to my friend the next day and asked about her hot friend. She gave me some details. Is it too "6th grade girlie" if I tell my friend I'm interested and to "hook it up"? I really have no other way of getting in touch with this guy again. He's in the military and on leave. So I don't know how much longer I'll have to "track him down". I just feel kinda silly at my age having friends "hooking me up".

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Given how much effort you've put in to tracking him down, maybe assume that if the interest was mutual he would have made an effort to have "QT" with you or to follow up with the friend and get your information.


It's fine to have your friends play matchmaker but in this case be prepared for a lack of interest on his part.

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Perhaps you can express some (more?) interest to your friend and see if you can throw another bar night. If your friend takes the hint, he'll be invited again and you can establish whether or not he's interested (and get his # if he is).


I don't think it's too 6th grade-ish at all, unless you snoop for his last name and go through an entire phone book .

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Being 20, I suppose it'd be kind of flattering if a girl called me up saying her friend wanted to 'get together'. I think I'd be taken aback at first... but then I'd reconsider and give you a call.


But I suppose prep to assume he is going to want or expect 1 thing.

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It would be 6th grade girlie if you send him a note that says:


Do you like me? Please select one.

_____ YES


_____ NO


_____ MAYBE



You trying to get in touch with him is completely fine.


I was actually guilty of that little note thing a few times in elementary school back in the day. lol


I think it's perfectly okay for you to ask your friend to help you. As a matter of fact, it's more appropriate for you to establish contact with this guy through your friend, because since you really didn't know each other and if you tracked him down say through a phone directory or something of that nature, he might think it was creepy.


It seems more casual if it's all set up through your friend. Good luck!

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