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From attraction to the next step to the next step ect.

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You're gonna have to script some conversation starters. Here are some ideas:

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Mystery at link removed has some great ideas.


You can do a survey or something. Go up and say "Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm doing this survey for my class..." and you can think up whatever scenario. You can do the survey for real, get interested in the answers. Check out the paper/news/popular culture for ideas on what to ask on. Let your natural curiosity free.


Also you can make mention on something in the environment. If someone is doing something interesting/in an interesting situation, make a comment about it. I was watching these people latin dance while I was up at the bar once so I asked "Do you know how to dance like that?" It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.


Delivery, now that's a completely different story...

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Thank you guys for the responses.


Hey Kyo, long time no see. Doubt you remember me, but I was merely a fleeting soul around here.


Anyways, just walk up to her and tell her you've seen her around for a while and just thought it would be nice to stop by and wish her a merry holiday. Then introduce yourself.

Of course I remember.


I can't see myself walking up to her and talking to her. Everytime I get close, I shake, my heart beats out of my chest, my mouth gets dry and I start to shake, especially around my legs. I know this sounds silly coming from a 33 year old guy, but I think if I approached her it would freak her out, no?

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I think if I approached her it would freak her out, no?


She will be able to sense the fact that you are uncomfortable and that is what freaks women or other people out. All you want to do is just be yourself. Realize that she is just another girl, like the thousands you have met in your life, she is no different. Just be friendly with her and you will do fine, there is nothing to freak her out about unless you give her a reason to freak out.

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Kyo, you HAVE to start visualizing the end result. If you can't see yourself in your mind going up to the girl, it will be near impossible to do so in real life.


Work on seeing it happen from within first, and over time - though it will be hard at first - you will eventually be able to see yourself approaching her more and more naturally. After that, it's the leap of faith... taking the plunge and actually DOING it.


You can surely do it. Age means nothing. Believing you can do it, however, means a lot.

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