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Is she telling the truth?

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Yesterday was the worst day in my life, and you can guess why...

Well, anyway. I met this girl 6 months ago, fell in love with her the first day, but I didn't want to say that to her because I didn't think she like me because she was way more interested in my friends and made out with one of my closest friends.

But then, maybe two months ago, I heard and noticed she likes me so I was really happy. A month ago we got together and it was really good. Her family is really nice and they (I think) did also like me. Two weeks ago her school started (boarding school). She was really happy and enjoyed it because she hated her parents, so that way she could stay away from them.

She told me she had fun and they used to watch movies and such at the boys room. Two days ago, Tuesday, I visited her at the school but I noticed something was wrong. She didn't even bother to look at me, usually she gives me alot of kisses and such but nothing of that now!


I was there for about 5 hours or something like that, and all she did at that time was drawing, and if we spoke, it was if I asked something or if I started a conversation. She said that she'd only 3 hours of sleep cause they watched movies again with the other guys, and it was because of that she was so weird. But I was pretty sure it was something else...


So yesterday, she was coming to my town with her friends for shopping and half an hour before she would arrive with the bus she send me an SMS and says she can't be together with me anymore because she doesn't love me as much as she used to. At that moment I just wanted to dissappear, fade away, die...etc. Well I met her and she couldn't explain why she didn't love me anymore but she wanted to see me and be friends.


But I can't understand how she could just turn around her feelings like that, when I met her last Sunday everything still seemed perfect. She said also that she didn't want to wait telling me it cause then it would have just gotten worse. Did she tell me the truth or did she met someone new? Maybe another reason? Did she love me at all? The relationship lasted only a month and you probably think it's like nothing.


This is so weird for me and the relationship was really good, we never argued or something like that, maybe it had been easier to break up if we had been arguing and such but it was nothing like that. It was perfect all the way to the end...


Is there a way to make her love me or is just over forever, what do you think? Anyway, I'm gonna met my friend (the guy she made out with btw) and get drunk. I hope I'll get over her...


I would appreciate if some of my questions gets answered...thanks.

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Hey buddy sorry but things don't look good. If she's having doubts this early on then she is telling the truth that she doesn't want to be with you.


Regardless of whether or not there is another guy it doesn't really matter. You're just going to have to let this one go. She is being truthful in telling you that she didn't want to wait because the longer you were together the more it would hurt.


I did the same thing to a girl once, left her after only 2 weeks and she totally adored me and I got along great with her parents. But often you are with someone with the hope that it might start to really work, but then you realise it's not going to and you have to move on.


Be thankful she told you now and not later. Anyway, you'll find another one

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Thanks for the reply.

What I can't understand how she so suddenly could turn around her feelings. If that had happen to me, I would have talked to her and said that I'm not sure about my feelings and the relationship could be over. Or which way is better? To me it seems like she never loved me and she just didn't want it to go further, I dunno, I hope it wasn't like that. Anyway I'm happy she told me now and not later.

oh and one other thing. If she wants me again, what should I say and do? I love her but I don't want to be hurt again...



Maybe I should add that the first time we met, it was because my friend and her (ex)friend was together and they thought we'd fit together it was like a "date" but we were with some of my other friends too(played pool), big mistake...

Instead of showing interest of me she started talking with one of me friends and later she kinda liked him but he didn't do that so it didn't work out.

A month after that, at a party at my place, she made out with the guy I'm gonna meet today, but I told her he was a player but didn't wanted to believe me but eventually she realized that by herself.

Then, maybe just a week before I was told she liked me, she showed some interest in another guy (another friend of mine) but it didn't work out at all.

My friends have said some stuff about this and called her wh*re and other names. Some says I deserve better...what do you think?


And only two days before her feelings just turned around, she was really depressed cause her parents just kept fighting. Then she told that I was the only reason she was living for etc...Did she feel that because she wanted somebody to care about her and she didn't care who it was and then later she realized that it couldn't be that way?


Earlier today I msged her that I would appreciate if she called me later and she just did that. But I get so damn sad when we speak and almost start to cry but in the other hand I want to speak to her, I don't want to lose her completely. Should I just forget about her and play hard-to-get, and try to find another (feels like it's impossible)?

My friend is on his way to my place we're gonna party/drink, I hope I'll forget about her for awhile, atleast for tonight.


hmmm many questions But it makes me feel better to tell somebody about this and I hope that someone will answer some of my questions, so I dont need to go wonder about those by myself

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