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Start of by saying Hi to all the people on the forum, you've done so much for me. And if it werent for google i wouldn't have ever found this website.


I'm going to start by saying im having some emotional difficulties. I cant help but feel insecure all the time. I have acne and im a little underweight. Im very self consious; these things have crippled my confidence and my self esteem. Whenever i hear somebody laughing, it always feels its at me. Whenever that happens i get all a sudden angry. Most people would do something to settle themselves down. The only way i know how to, is to sit alone and just think. Which furthers my rage. I might be "bottling" my emotions, and from what i understand - thats not good.


I need help coping with these uncontrolable emotional issues. These feelings are making it hard for me to open up and talk to my girlfriend. I dont want my relationship to end because of this. Somebody please help me.

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You've got a girlfriend don't you. What's your problem? Why have her if you can't talk to her? You're only 17, wait until some time in your future when you don't have a gf or anyone to get close to. Then you will wish you had her in your life. Trust me, take advantage of this time to talk to her, pour it out. It can only strengthen you relationship with her and if it runs her off then she wasn't right for you anyway.


I really thought your thread was going to end up wishing you could talk to or get a gf. Then you said you had one already. I'm sure your other problems are not fun, but your best shoulder is probably her "real" one and not the cyber ones you will find here.

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