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What to do? Still missing him like crazy!

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So long story short, ex and I broke up in September. After a couple weeks, I went into NC for 5 weeks, despite numerous attempts by him to contact (14 emails, 1 text). Finally we exchanged a few emails and then i decided to ask him to lunch...he blew up at me basically accusing me of seeing my ex and saying hes seeing someone else. I didnt respond to this email and went NC...6 weeks later he emails.


The email said that he thinks of me everyday, looks at my myspace page daily, and that i was a great girl..but he guesses something mustve been missing because he often felt he didnt fill my needs.


I waited a week and wrote back "Im glad youre doing well, i hope Christmas brings you everything youve been wishing for"


Then last night almost posessed i sent him a text a minute before midnight and just said "Merry Xmas *****"


This morning he sent me back a text wishing me a merry xmas and calling me his old pet name for me.


Is there any hope here? I miss him so much and though ive been on dates, was even in a 6 week relationship..i keep coming back to him, how it felt right with him.

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Why don't you call him and start a conversation. Keep it friendly and see where it goes. But do it with little or no expectations but just with the idea of finding out if there is a chance or whether you should finally realsie that it is over for good and it is time to move on.

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I would give it til after the New Year celebrations and then give him a call or a light text asking him how it is. To me his actions indicate that he misses you but they do not indicate that he wants a rels with you yet (or if).


So you'll have to feel it out, slowly, give him space and see what happens if you get into contact. But he may blow up again so be prepared.


Hugs x

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