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well first of all. i wish you all a mary Xmas.

the reason im posting today is cause i'm still healing.

this period should be a day that all people should be happy and today im not.

Im still thinking about her.

and i wonder if there will ever come an end on it.

its been 8 month now sinds the breakup and i didn't hear from her sind 3 month.

i still have so many questions and i shouldn't because we broke up.

i wonder if she thinks about me as mutch as i do about her but i doubt that because she broke up.

it was a very nasty breakup.one of those kind witch will never make us come together i guess.

and even if she want's to, im sure she wil never admit it.

so i think this rebound is doomed.

it's just such a pitty because she was the only person who i really loved and knowing eachother for 8 years and a 2 year relationship is not something you forget from this day to another

i wish i could forget her but i cant.

i wish she would contact me but she wont.

i wish i dared to contact her but i cant (im the dumped one)


Sometimes things go wrong (but that's just life)

Sometimes you lose someone in your life (forever)

Sometimes you make mistakes (happens to everyone)

But for all that you have to take your responsability and that's what im doing.

But its hard very hard

And i still have a long way to go


thx for reading this.

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awww stealth. i know how it feels too. I was in a relationship for 6 1/2 years, NC for a month, and I was dumped for another girl. It was a bad breakup. I regret some of the things I said from our last conversation, and I wonder if he regrets saying the awful things he said to me too.


We wish for a lot of things/answers from our exes. But I say, we should wish for our own wellbeing instead--find ourselves and our purpose, for our own good.

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yeah, i think you are completely right sjv119.

but i still wonder if dumpers think as mutch about their ex as the dumped ones are doing :s

i have the feeling that dumpers have the advantage because they found or had the strength to let go a person they loved :s

but after all who care.

why would we stay stuck by thoughts of someone who left you and didn't realise that you were worth it :s.


thx for you reply.

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Mr. Stealth,


Like you, I am in the process of healing and can't wait for this process to be over and done with!

I remain in limited contact w/ my ex, and let me tell you, this does not make things any easier ... Contact sucks just as much as no contact w/ an ex

"Time heals all wounds" -- this is such a cliche but I am holding on to this saying for dear life, hoping that it will prove to be true in the end.

Let's hang in there, Mr. Stealth.

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thats true Ellie2006.

im sure when i would still have contact with my, my healing process would go alot slower.

with no contact you avoid the possibility from being hurt again but questions keep on rising in your mind.

like how is she doing?,what is she doing?, is she dating someone else? and so on....

But sometimes its better you dont know all those things.

but i think i wouldn't know how to react when i will ever see her again.

should i be nice or neutral i dont know

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it IS better when you don't know... trust me, cuz when you DO know you feel like someone punched you in the stomach.


i am in the same situation... i'm trying to get over it, keep my mind off it, but i can't help but feel excrutiatingly hurt that he doesn't even care if i exist, yet here i am worrying and caring about him. he dumped me, threw me out like the trash and yet I"M still caring about him and missing him... why does "love" work this way??? i'm so ready to be over it, but i'll let time (and work on my part) take its course....


don't worry mr. stealth, we WILL Be okay, we just have to focus on things that make us feel good... one things that helps me (for a moment) is realizing there are other guys out there, even though i'm not ready to date them, the prospect has gotten more exciting

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totally true mcnani.

last time i heared from a girlfriend what my ex told about me.

and i felt so down because what she said wasn't true about me.

she told i met another girlfriend via internet and all that stuff an that i would have cheated on her.

why would she say things like that?

i guess its because she has to hide something herself and to give herself not in a bad status.

sometimes i want to react on this and want to send her a mail.

but after all, when i think about it doesnt matter.

i know i've always been saying the trueth and my friends believe me.

if she didn't respect that i was honest, so be it.

i know she will ever be punished for that.

and i know there are alot of nice guys and girls out there but in the beginning everyone is nice isnt it.

but i know there are also people who really mean what they say and do.

but that's only a small amount of the so many.

that's why it is so hard to get a good relationship.

greetz ...

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