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overwhelming feeling to set up meeting

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after a rough weekend of her contacting me and me not knowing what to do for fear of getting hurt i woke up wanting to set up a meeting to talk because we havent seen eachother in a month and it seems like she was reaching out at first it sounded bad but then it sounded like she needed to talk but wasnt clear......



what should i do?


how should i apprach?


i feel like if i do she will just rip me and say no because i didnt respond to her

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She may well rip you because you didn't respond. I've been following your posts a bit, and that last from her seemed pretty aggressive. It seems to me you're both very emotional right now with all the letters and emails and texts zinging back and forth. If you can be kind to each other maybe meeting up while this emotional might be good, but if anger and hurt take over, as they seem to in your correspondence, then can you really see something healthy and helpful coming out of meeting up now? If you do decide to go ahead, ask yourself what you want to happen. What do you want to express? What do you want to hear from her? Why do you want to talk and what outcome do you really want? Then ask yourself honestly how likely you are to get what you want out of meeting up given the situation between you at the moment. Only go ahead if you figure your chances are good to feel less rather than more hurt afterward.


Good luck.

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