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Hello all. I just stumbled onto this place. First of all, Merry Christmas to all. I will jut get right into it. I am 20 yrs old. My gf is 20. We have been dating for awhile. Well, we both agreed to get married in the temple. (were Mormon). So I buy a ring and I get ready to propose. Then she changes her mind. Things have gone downhill. She keeps changing her mind back and forth. She is moody all the time now. She was always talking to her ex bf too, and she said she might still have feelings for him. Well, I told her I will give her 30 days to decide. If she doesn't I told her Id break up with her. I didn't want to do this, but I feel as if its my only choice. Things were real bad before and I never stood up for myself. At the end of 30 days I am also going to be in another state for 4 months with limited contact w/ her. Am I wrong for doing this? Any suggestions to fix the relationship? Why is she getting cold feet? I think I'm a damn good BF, and she is a a very good gf. Why are we fighting so much? We do almost everything right. I do love her with every fiber of my being, but sometimes I just wonder.

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What exactly are you wondering about? Whether or not you want to marry her, if you're too young? If she's cheating?


I think you were right for giving her an ultimatum dont be anyone's door mat. It seems to me like she is trying to decide between you and her ex.


You're really young maybe you should wait until you're more sure? I think there will always be a certain amount of doubt but seriously how much can you with stand?


You both do almost everything right? Idk, that part just struck me as odd. There's no formula for a good relationship if two people just arent meant for eachother.

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