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here I am breaking down in my room at christmas time..

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hi everyone..I have posted here in the past about my relationship ending 4 months ago..I have been holding it in for a while now and my christmas was very good, I got tons of gifts and everything and while sitting upstairs I felt a lot of sadness once again about my past relationship..I have officially broken down and now I am just trying to take the time to let it all out..this all feels so permanent and I just hate it..

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i think it's just normal to do that.. you will feel good for a while and then have a relapse.. then you'll feel good for a bit longer till you have another relapse.. soon you'll feel good most of the time and relapses will be a thing of the past. Plus christmas is (i think) such a sad time cause everyone thinks everyone else is soooo damn happy and it just aint so! I've just had a break up and even tho i broke it off because it was totally disfunctional and violent and manipulative etc..i've been missing him and crying to myself as well.. it just makes no sense!! Keep at princess.. there;s no other choice.. we're all in this together and we just need to put one foot infront of the other..

good luck x

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No matter how bad the relationship was - it still leaves a void in your life. I haven't talked to mu ex in 5 months - we've been apart for 6.

I miss him today. I went to the movies with friends - it's just not the same. I got back to the empty house. Sigh.....I am really looking forward to the end of this year. It's been an alwful time for me and so many other people.

Let's smile and try to make it through the next few weeks. Then if God is willing things will change.

Love ya, guys. I am so happy I have other people to share with.

Blessings to all of you. Merry Christmas!

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i've been feeling the same way today.... i'd been feeling okay-ish for a few weeks adn then all of a sudden this weekend has just been sad..... keep your head up..it sucks right now but we have to keep our heads up.. it'll be better eventually, just keep workign for that day

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If it's any consolation Christmas Day hit me like a thunderbolt too. Waking up alone, I got angry and vowed too stop worrying what the ex was doing and meet someone new so I'm not alone next year.


My supposed friend (ex girlfriend) couldn't even be bothered to give me a call over christmas and wish me a happy christmas.

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*HUGS* Christmas makes people do crazy things... I was pretty bummed out too, but realize that pain is only temporary, okay? Why hurt?! Every passing moment is a chance to turn things around... you should listen to some really soothing music of your choice or take a walk outside with a trusted friend and let everything out. It's not healthy to bottle it all up!

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I am 2 1/2 months into the divorce process. It was unexpected and her idea. Xmas was o.k until she e-mailed me 6 photos of the kids opening their gifts. I think she was just being nice but it hurt. First time since they were born I was'nt there to watch them on xmas morning. I did have them Dec. 23 and 24. Divorce sucks...Paul

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