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good idea to email ex ??

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do you guys think its wise to email my ex and tell her to make arrangements to pick up her stuff? Also maybe tell her that i've met someone new to see what she'd do??


its been a month and a half of break up... and I've had no contact with her for about a month now. she ended it with little respect, atleast she did it face to face.

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What is the stuff? If it fits into a box or two, I'd just pack it up and stick it in the back of a closet. When enough time goes by, and she still hasn't asked for it, you can toss it away.


What's your motivation for telling her about someone new? If it's to make her jealous or test the waters, I wouldn't bother. If the someone new is moving in with you and you need the space her things are taking up, then that's another story (maybe?).


I'd say stick with NC.

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I would just put it all in a box, and send her an e-mail saying you will give it back to her, and suggest a few days/times. If at all possible, give it to a mutual friend, or drop it off on her doorstep when you get back from work, or drop it off at her office and leave the box with her receptionist/secretary.


As for telling her about the new lady you are dating, no, that's just tacky. it's clear that you would just be saying that to hurt her or get a response, and yeah, it's tacky. don't bother.


good luck

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