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what was the worst breakup you had?

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So in other words he was scared of commitment, but then you kept pushing him away as well because of that and because you were scared your family isn't good enough ?


Wow..I can totally relate. Same situation as mine. We were together for a year and broke up almost a month ago. He was scared of commitment and I had a hard time trusting him because he always seemed to be keeping me at a distance. And another big problem for him was that he never met any of my family. But the truth is, I avoided him meeting my family because I was ashamed of them..my parents mostly. I love my family but they are very strange people! And I guess I never really explained that to him.


Anyways, sounds like you need to give it some time. Maybe he will come around or maybe he won't. But all you can do right now is give him the space he asked for. If and when you do decide to try it again, you would have to sit down and have long talk and get EVERYTHING out in the open!


Be strong and don't pressure him, because that will only push him away. If he asked not to speak to you right now then leave him be and let him come to you. It sounds like you've hurt him as well and now he needs some time to sort things out.

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No way is he the only person you'll ever love. You said it yourself- he was your first love! It's probably been said a million times by as many people but by contacting him you are delaying your healing.

From the way you described his interactions with you it sounds like he has moved on. My first love was very hard to let go of. But then I accepted that she did not love me. She was very casual about our relationship from the beginning. I was the one who had high expectations- so I was in anguish when she didn't meet them.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that your ex seems to have been a bit of a serial user. He got what he wanted while at the same time keeping you at arms length by saying he didn't want a serious relationship. You want more, but he does not. There's a real good chance, thereforeeee, that he isn't for you.

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