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Famous last words "Never thought it would happen to me". Oct 10th the wife drops me at the airport and tells me she wants a divorce. I am 52 and she is 49. No affairs, no fighting, married for 15 years and dated four years prior. I ask why (not happy for a long time, not in love anymore) and then ask about counciling which is rejected. Get to the hotel and start researching divorce and how to save a marriage. Anyway, I get back home we tell the kids and we each retain attorneys. Go to the court on Nov 8 to set temporary living arrangements. I agree to move out and let her and the kids (13 and 11) stay in the house. She does not work. Visitation is when the kids and I agree. Hopefully we will be finished by the end of Jan. I have been nothing but a gentleman and will never have a bad word to say about my STBXW to anyone. It hurts like heck, but I never let her or the kids see me upset. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Happy Holidays (yeah right)

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Hello HereIgo and welcome to eNotalone.


I'm sorry you are here under such circumstances. I wish there were words of wisdom that could tell you why this is happening or how you could fix it and turn it around. But unfortunately there are times when things just go wrong and you never get that explanation of why.


For now, I suggest getting into some counseling for yourself. You need to work through these feelings and heal from this. It's going to take awhile, I won't kid you. But don't try to do this alone. It's too much stress to try to go through this without some help.


Hang in there for the kids. They need their daddy now more than ever. Stay active with your friends. You'll need them. And keep your body moving. Physical exercise will help with the stress and depression.


I'm sorry you are going through this. But it will be ok.

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Got through xmas day virtually unscathed. Had the kids with me Dec. 23 and 24. Talked to them several times on xmas, but did not see them. Then the stbxw e-mailed me 6 photos of the kids opening gifts. First time since they were born (age 13 and 11) that I was not there watching. Ouch that hurt.....Paul

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