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Abby Is Leaving

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Hi My name is Joseph and I am 15 years old, I have been up since two this morning. My guinea pig who I have had for 5 years is dieing in front of me. This is a nice way to start Christmas. He has been sick and is thankfully only dieing from old age. I am just looking for support since none of my friends are online to talk to. It hurts so much and i am trying my damdest not to cry in order to type.

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Joseph I know how you feel. I'm really sorry for your loss. When my cat died a few years ago, she was 21 years old. I still cry about it, and I miss her so much. Pets in my family are like family members. Your guinea pig is really lucky to have been cared for by a loving person. You need to find safe people to talk to about this, because losing a family member is a horrible thing to experience, and not everybody will understand why you are so upset. And do cry. Let it all out, man. It's not good to hold this stuff inside. Uncried tears turn to poison inside you.

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Oh my god. I have guinea pigs too and I've become so attached to them. I adopted them because they were abused and left out over night in a paper bag out in the cold and petco found them. One of them just had babies a week ago. I can't imagine what you are going through. I'm so sorry. I don't really know what to say. Just know that she is going to a better place where she can have all the hay, fruits, and veggies she wants. I just lost my grandma 2 weeks ago and I know how it feels to see someone leave you right in front of your eyes. You perceive life a little differently. Death is a part of life. We are dying as we speak, of old age, don't you think? I know you won't find a guinea pig just like abby but just know she was deeply cared for and will be at peace. Take care, kid.

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Hunny i know how you feel, i lost my dog last week... I'd been given her when i got back from the hospital when i was born so i literally didn't know life without her. So trust me i understand how much your hurting. I also watched my pet die, unfortunately i was the one who made the decision to put her down, she was having fits and at the time it seemed like the kindest thing to do. I know you are hurting alot right now and don't get me wrong you'll keep hurting but it'll become bareable. For me i wanted to remember her so i put a photo of her in my wallet. Just know at least he isn't suffering anymore. Sorry i can't be of more help but if you want to talk heres my email email removed Good luck and i hope you feel better soon, even if it doesn't seem possible right now.

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My dog of 15 years had to be put to sleep when I was 20, I grew up with that dog, she had a tumor growing on her head and there was no way we could operate on her, seeing her happy with that thing on her head but her not knowing what was about to happen tore me up completely...we put her down, just seeing her smile disappear as she was dying...talk about hurting


a year later I couldnt find my cat, he snuck out and I found him on the side of the road, someone ran him over, I had to scoop him up and brush the ants that were eating him...my wounds reopened.


Hang in there bro, all I can say is grieve and heal, there is nothing else you can do.

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I had many guinea pigs growing up and it was so sad when they died. I know it's horrible to watch, but just be there with your animal while he goes. Comfort him and pet him so that he's not alone. It will pass and then he will be at peace.


You go ahead and cry. You're supposed to cry at a time like this. Grieving is totally normal so go on and let out your feelings.

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