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is the next stop suicide?

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While suicide is a popular though among people dealing with relationship issues, it's best to avoid these thoughts. While coping with these issues is very taxing both physically and mentally, it is not necessary to end your life. The only thing that suicide will accomplish is upsetting more people. I just dealt with a break up this week and suicide was a thought that had popped in my head more than once. However, I've tried to stay away from these feelings. Thoughts of suicide show weakness within yourself. The last thing you want to do is be weak during this time. Try and perk yourself up as much as possible. Cry if you must, it's okay. By coming to a site like this, you've placed yourself among many others who share your same outlook on things. Everyone here is helpful and willing to contribute whatever knowledge/experience they might have with your problem. Don't give up hope and definitely avoid suicidal thoughts. It will be okay, you're not alone. What exactly has lead you to feel this way?

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Don't be afraid to tell your story.

You may find someone here with a similar tale, and some tips to help you cope. Lots of us have been at the edge, and won't judge you.


Often suicide seems so attractive, yet if you can get past the events that brought you so far down, life looks worth another go. I've been there, but obviously chose to stay.

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I would definitely say that suicide is the next step, but I don't agree that thinking about it shows weakness. All it shows is that your depressed. If you're really feeling so depressed that you would consider suicide (and I've been there) one of the best things you can do is talk to people about it, about what is bothering you, and then find something that can make you happy and do it. Also, consider everything you could miss out on later in life if you throw in the towel there. If you've hit rock bottom, the only direction you can go is up.

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Fatal Blow


You should atleast tell us the reason why you're so depressed and feel like killing yourself.

I know you didn't always feel that way, there had to be some problems leading up to that point.


Also, understand that sometimes the feeling of wanting to kill yourself is a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain.


It may sound silly right now, but take some fish oil for about a week and see if you still feel the same.

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You have a longterm problem that won't go away with a stay in a hospital. Depression can be a lifelong ailment, yet in time you can learn methods to keep it under control if you make the effort. I'd suggest approaching your problem from two angles. Profesional help, which has some answers but lacks the insight you have about yourself, and reading some self-help books to custom-tailor your methods of coping when you feel driven to cut.

Have you tried alternatives to cutting, such as the rubber band, ice cube or exercise?


Winston Churchill struggled with it all his life. He was no weakling.

To those who've never been there, it's easy to dismiss derisively.

I understand first-hand.

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Could be, but you can make a difference.


Depression won't go away by finding reasons to feel bad, but finding solutions pays off.


I've been wallowing in it all day, and when dark thoughts came, I got outside, smoked a cigar and watched the view from my home, counting my blessings.


Don't let it drag you down when you feel it coming.

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my life is all f***ed up ive done so many drugs and i cut myslef i tried commiting suicide so many times b4 but something inside me wont let me die i hate it and every1s gettin upset that im doin this s*** i just dont know what to do and i just wanna try to commit suicide.......again.

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Maybe as a suicide, you're a failure.

I know I am.

Each attempt was sidetracked or just didn't work, and I came to believe my brain was protecting me. I did loads of drugs, booze, and risky stunts to hasten my end, but I'm 54 now.


Do you enjoy anything?

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i mainly listen to avril lavigne when i get upset but it dont work sumtimes and i jst either try to kill myself or i cut or do sum drug.but the thing that i think that keeps me from committing suicide is that i think of my family and friends and how it would be with out me.but the times i did try and committ suicide and i just passed out or something i blocked every1 out sum times when ppl r trying to help me i just block them out and tell them they dont understand or i just walk away, and im upsetting every1 cuz when they try to help me i turn away.

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Hey hun,


I've been there with cutting, i've been there with thinking i'm a disappointment and i know what its like to try and take your life... Ok but please it isn't the answer! You say you don't want to leave because of your friends and family. That means that they would be hurt without you. They would be devisitated ok hun. Sometimes we let people down but in the end they still love us. Just keep fighting ok. Cutting doesn't solve your problems. But i also know how much it seems to help at that time. You stopped before that means you can stop again and for longer this time to. You can keep fighting. I block my close friends out to. When i'm down. I've pushed everyone away. I know what your feeling. I don't begin to understand what happened when you were young. Or pretend to know how you feel. But i know you can put it behind you. Just talk about it. Let us help.


Here for you,


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