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Christmas present dilemma

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Merry Christmas everyone


It's Christmas evening but me and my boyfriend spent it apart and we'll meet tomorrow to exchange gifts.


We were just on a phone talking about presents from our families and among other things he got a fragrance gift set.

And I was gonna give him basically the exact same thing tomorrow... I asked the name of a brand and I was looking it up from internet; it's like three times cheaper than the one I'm gonna give him but it still really sucks. I'm feeling so disappointed even though there's no one to blame.

I was so happy glad thinking it would be a really nice gift but now it's kind of ruined even though it's not the same brand.

Since all the stores are closed tomorrow I don't have time to change it for something else.. should I just tell him that 'well, now you have two' or something.. Just don't know..

Happy holidays !!!

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I bet he will be as pleased with your gift as the other one that he got - probably more so.




Because it is from you. And a gift from a loved one, especially a girlfriend, is highly treasured no matter what the actual object itself is.

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Of course he'll appreciate your gift! Maybe he didn't like the one that he got from his family...or maybe he did, but since yours is a different brand, why can't he alternate using both?


And remember that there are some things that only you can give him, so make sure to give him the gift while flashing him that smile that he surely loves, and give him a hug and a kiss -- best gift ever!

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