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I like her, and she likes me however...

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I am now a junior In highschool and I really do like this girl who also is attracted to me. But the problem is freshmen year we liked each other and she let me know thourgh letters and such, yet then i was ridiculously shy and i barely responded and we eventually stopped talking about it, now 2 years later i found out (from a friend) that she likes me still but she doesnt make any advances , i think, because she tried once and it didnt work. So I want to let her know that I really like her and did when I was a freshmen and that not responding to her was one of the biggest mistakes i ve made in life (which is true, to this day i deeply regret not being more open with her). But im still quite shy and sadly afraid of rejection.

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When it comes to love you shouldnt be shy let her know take her some flowers and explain to her how u feel and how shy u are and thats why u let the relationship go, i mean if she likes u she wont say no and with the flowers u have alot more posibility of her saying yes to you so it doesnt hurt to try specialy when she has been liking you for 2 years now and it isnt fair to you or her to keep waiting for one of u to make the move if your both shy Good luck



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Yup, just go for it. I'm sure it will work out if you both like each other. Like Micksbabyboo said, bring her some flowers when you tell her it will help her know what you are doing if you freeze up or something. she will appreciate the gesture.

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