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Why would he be so mean?

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Hey all, I know I'm really annoying but I'm having such a hard time with my breakup. I poured my heart out to my ex in a letter; I'd never been good at saying my feelings...and he always complained that I never cared about him. I tried to call him the other day but he answered and hung up on me. So I called him back and he kept doing it. I text him asking him why he was being like that. He called me back and said I blew it, it was over, and that if he ever saw me I better run. I can't believe it. I went home and wrote him an email pouring my heart out. So when I expressed that I did in fact care about him, it was met with a "Go eff yourself." I am so devastated. Why is he being so mean? I did sleep with someone else while we were together...we both cheated on each other. We had a huge blowout a couple weeks ago and I ended up changing my number because I was very angry with him. And then I made the mistake of going on his myspace and seeing a new girl. That brought out the green eyed monster so I called him. Big mistake. Is he being mean to me because I hurt him? I know it shouldn't matter but I am completely devastated and looking for answers. I know I should focus on myself bla bla bla. I work out, I work and go to school and none of it is affected by my ex right now. I just can't understand why he was so mad. I didn't really beg him or plead or cry. I called like 5 times because he kept hanging up...

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The way you treated your ex is the way my ex treated me....so I am someone who can give you an idea of how your ex is feeling. He is probably feeling so hurt and betrayed by you that he no longer trusts you. You running back to him with grand apoligies doesn't fix the hurt that he is feeling. It probably just makes him feel more manipulated. Leave him alone for a while and let him process the information. Maybe at some point he will feel more like talking but it now needs to be in his time frame, not yours. Try to understand his point of view and his pain.

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I know I hurt him...he says he didn't care and never loved me, but I think otherwise. I'm almost positive I hurt him. Or I came off as too needy or clingy but I really don't think I did. I just apologized up and down, told him I cared for him alot. I don't know if I drove him away or if he is in fact hurt. I wish I could fix things between us. We've broken up for months before and we date other people but we always go back to each other. After I told him I cheated he called me incessantly and was actually nicer to me...but then we got into a fight and I changed my number because he BLEW UP MY PHONE. It took two weeks, but I called him after seeing his myspace. I wish I didn't now...my ego is shot.

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what does that mean he blew up your phone?


I think you should leave him alone for now. This is what he wants . I know it's hard but you have to give him some respect for the way that he feels right now.


All your going to do is drive him crazy and your self


Give yourself some time and grow from this. i still come here for advice and it's great so if you want to pour out your feelings do it here.


Like you said you cheated on him, and he on you it didn't sound like it was a stable relationship in the first place.


you can't screw it up if you don't do anything and right now he doesn't want to hear anything so just please leave him alone

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