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So confused. need help

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Im really confused. Last year, I liked this girl, we talked on aim a lot and i thought she liked me too cuz it seemed like she did but then i found out that she didnt and then she started doing these mean things to me and then she blocked me and said she never wanted to talk to me again. Then this year on the first day of school, she keep looking at me at school and when i got home i noticed that she unblocked me. What i dont understand is why would she unblock me if she said she never wants to talk to me again. I dont know what to do now. What should i do?

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ok the girl has Mood swings or mayb she realized she was an B to you and she is sorry or she has a crush on you now what ever her reason is let it be and let her IM you or you IM her and show ur not like her and ask her whats new and ask her what she did that to you when u hadnt done n e thing to her 8) be cool lol



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