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So i didnt know where to put this.


I wrote out 2 cards one for my ex, and one for her family saying thank you for everything they did for me etc. But thing is, its christmas eve and i still havnt gone and gave them the cards. Its the over side of town and i dont have a car or drive as im 15. And its bugging me out because her family sent me one over and ARGH.

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If I may ask: what's bugging you most about NOT having sent over the Christmas cards in time?


a) You feel rude NOT to have sent a card when her family sent you one

b) You are worried that your ex may think you've lost interest in her bc you did not send her a card?


If it is the former, I am sure they will appreciate your card, even though they receive it a bit late. (Maybe you can add a Happy New Year, if you haven't already done so)


So why do you feel like you "NEED" to give her these cards?

What do you aim to achieve by sending her these cards?

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i feel i owe it to them and it also ties up all the loose ends and i can look forward to new year and good times with my new girlfriend. My mum is gonna drop them up later on.


Im not worried that my ex has lost intrest at all. I wouldnt care if she had he he. Its for my own satisfaction and to let them all know that im thankfull for every thing.

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If that's the case then I would not worry so much about not having sent them the Christmas card in time.

Also, I am glad your mom will be able to drop them off for you!


Well, glad to know things are going well w/ your new gf!

Happy holidays and hope you have a great 2007!

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Thanks a lot, all i need now is a friggin' way to stop thinking about the past and good times with her. But hopefully new year will do it, fresh start, better memories ahead.


Hope you have a good christmas and new year aswell Ellie. Any help on how to not think about the past would be appreciated. xxx

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