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Yet Another "Reading Signals" Thread

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I've become much more outgoing lately in respects towards women and dating. We had our school talent show the other day, and I was in it. I didn't win, but a girl I talked to for a while backstage did. Long story short, I asked for her phone number afterwards and she gave it to me. It just so happened that I was going to the movies the next night with some friends. I called and asked if she wanted to come with us, but she was having a family event that night, and had two more the following two days, so she couldn't. I apologized for interrupting her family event, and she asked me for my phone number and told me she'd call me later. She called about 15 minutes later, and we talked for close to an hour. She asked alot of questions about me (favorite music, do I smoke, drink, do drugs, do I dance, sing, play instruments) and answered all of mine. She told me she didn't really "date" because she has so much going on with school and extra-curriculars and that shes only had two boyfriends. She also has a nickname for me already (based on a shirt I was wearing when we met.) After about an hour of conversation, she said she was going to get a shower and go to bed. I told her to call me, or I'd call her over our Christmas break and she laughed like I had said something cute. We exchanged goodbyes, and that was it. How should I interpret all of this. I was encouraged by the long conversation, interrogative questions, and the nickname. But I was also worried by her telling me she doesn't date much and that she laughed when I told her to call me. I'd love to hear some opinions because I'm very attracted to this girl, both physically and to her personality.

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Be careful, she is testing you. When she said she didn't date, you should have said something like, "Whoa, calm down, what makes you think Im trying to date you?" Obviously, you would do this in a fun, flirty way.


Also, I think you are really close to being placed in the "Friendzone". The hour long conversations, the "I don't date". I think she may be on the fence and basically your reactions are going to decide whether or not she is going to date you.


You need to stop talking to her for so long. You need to man up and ask her out on a date, and then you will have your answer. If she says no, and that she told you, that she didnt date, just say something like, well, that's to bad, you would have had fun. Then make a little small talk and say goodbye.


I have been in a situation like this before. The only real sign is if she says yes to a date. Other than that, the other "signs" mean nothing. If you want my honest opinion, I think you are out of luck and should move on but you need to ask her out to get a definite answer.

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Give her a call sometime this week. Doesn't really matter when. Just don't expect anything to come of calling her. If you get a date, great! If not, oh well, at least you had a pleasant conversation and got some practice in conversing with women (not that I am assuming you need practice, but its just generally good to remain in practice). Good luck!




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Ok, well I'm calling her tomorrow. I'm going to ask her out but I'd like some input. I asked her to a movie once already, but she had family business and couldn't go. Is the movies again out of the question or could I ask her "How about that movie we were talking about?"; something of that nature? If not, then can you suggest a good type of place to go? Should I make this a clearly intended date, or just a friendly outing? I know you guys feel like the blind leading the (very) dumb, but this will be my first date if all goes well. Thanks for all your help so far.

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I wonder if she knows this is a date. If possible try to make dates for Sunday - Thursdays. She needs to know that you have a social life and you usually have plans on Fri and Sat.


Going to the movies with girl 1 on 1 usually constitues a date but unless she knows for sure its a date, she might just think its a friend thing. I have been through this so never assume.

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