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I think that all depends on your levels of committment. There is no real way how to tell if ur supposed to be lovers.. or be friends. You both make that mutal choice to be lovers and you will probably find that when u are in a committed relationship with someone, your lover will also be your friend. Most likely your best friend. Friendship is something thats very important to have in a relationship. As for just being friends with someone i guess that depends on how intimate u want to be with that person.

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i have a question how do u know if u can just be friends with ur boyfriends or girlfriends?

Yes, if your the break up was civil and both parties agree its just a friendship now, it can work. I have an ex that I work with sometimes, we talk and somtimes even flirt but we know we're just friends.


how can u tell if u both r meant to be friends not lovers or lovers not friends?

This one's tough, I dont know how to answer this one so I'll tell you what happened to me. I had the best friend in the world, we had so much in common (we were even born in the same month). Well things were ok, we just hang out, chat, see movies you know friend stuff, we had deep feelings for each other and started acting on them. When we crossed that line that was it thing just fell apart really fast, even now I dont know what happen, all of a sudden I was immature, all my secrets came back and bit me in the butt. I still have feeling for her but Now we dont even talk to each other and that hurts because we should have been perfect for each other.

Hope that was insightful

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