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He's going to leave me !!!

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For the first time in my life I fell in love with a man so deeply that my soul finally felt alive. Life was wonderful. But something was killing me inside. I had lied to him over and over about my life before us getting together. He knew I was lying about it and would ask me about it frequently and each time, I lied. I knew that he would leave me if he knew I was lying to him, and come to find out, after I came clean, he left me anyway for lying. I thought that i could keep him as long as I could b/c either way he was going to leave me. Well, everything has all came to a head now, and i'm just waiting for the moment he tells me that he is leaving me for good. I am in love with him and I do not want to give up on our relationship. Any advice?

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Tell hm the truth - i.e. that you lied because you thought you would lose him and that losing him was too hard to think of.


I have told him the truth. He says that he doesn't know me. That the person he fell in love with he doesn't know anymore. I keep apologizing to him and asking him for forgiveness. I know I have screwed things up and I am definetly paying the price. How can I make things better?

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Don't just ask him for forgiveness but ask him for a chance to prove that you love him and that you will not lie to him again. That is an extremely hard thing to do - but it is worth the effort.


Do you mind sharing what it is that you lied about? It may make it easier to help you.

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