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I need some advice

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Ok theres this girl that i work with that i have a crush on, I talk to her sometimes over text messages and at work


i took her to c a movie and it seemed to go well, she said that she had fun and the movie would have sucked if it weren't for me being there, during the movie i had my arm around her and we held hands and were rubbin on each other and what not and i found it to be very nice and so did she, but its like now im no longer important


but lately it seems like that no longer wishes to talk to me, ill send her stuff and alot of the time i wont get any response (no i dont message her 500000 times a day either) ill send her a message, and if the doesn't respond in like an hour then ill send her another, then if still no response ill just leave her alone for a while, and even if she does respond it seems as though she is just talkin to be nice, since she uses minimal words and doesn't really say ne thing other than she has to


ill usually message her in the morning saying good morning and at night b4 i go to bed also


i asked her if she would like to go out again sometime and she said "ok" which didn't sound like she exactly wanted to go, but she is just to be nice, it makes me very anxious and seein as how shes the first girl ive ever taken out i want it to work out but just dont know what i need to do next


i wouldn't of even thought to ask her out (cuz shes a bit older than me) but she seemed like she really wanted to go out with me, so i did, and im takin her to my senior prom


am i just being paranoid or what? ive been anxious for the longest time it seems like and i just realllllyyyy want it to work out, cuz she really is an amazing girl


PS: im 17 and shes 21, but once again she really seemed like she wanted to date me

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