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What is a quick cure for this empty feeling in my stomach? My recent ex-girlfriend lives in the townhome behind me and I know she's not coming home tonight...


I already ran, and drinking isn't an option. I'm even going out to dinner with my ex-wife tonight to chat about my recent breakup.


Oh btw I'm new. I'm sure this hasn't been asked before ...LOL



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Cures for lovesickness. Well, although talking about your situation can help, I find diversions work best. See you ex wife for dinner to get out of your apartment but don't waste a meal by talking about your recent ex-girlfriend. Find out what's new in your ex wife's life. Talk about some things you;re looking forward to in the future. That sort of thing.


Or you can keep yourself busy (this is easy for me because I'm a workaholic). Know that you may not sleep well tonight, so treat yourself to a good book, or a couple of movies. Some way to pass the night.


Or you can get out of town for a couple of days so that you're not paying attention to her movements. Or you could move (spoken from someone in the midst of that)!

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hey mf123 - welcome to ENA!!


Sorry 'bout your recent break-up.


I don't know if there's a cure or not, but ENA is as close to one as you'll ever get I suppose....


Sounds like you're doing a good thing getting together with someone so you're not sitting all by yourself - alone with your thoughts....


That's why a lot of us are here!!

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i used to live next door to my ex and found that during the times we broke up and got back together that was probably the reason why..because we were so close that it was hard to focus and not try to convince each other to get back. maybe take a vacation or work more hours. try to avoid your house for the time being because you will be more heartbroken when u know she's out having fun.

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That's a tough situation when you live so close together... it's great that you are getting out and getting away from the situation as best you can and spending time with other people to take your mind off it and move forward with healing. Just keep doing that, and you will heal from the breakup, though it does take time.


You need to focus on doing things that help you heal from the breakup, and if moving out is one of them, then maybe you should make plans to do that... You need to try to keep yourself in the ACTIVE mode, rather than feeling passive and helpless, and like you are trapped and destined to watch her move on with her life rather than your own.


If moving is not possible, then try to get as much emotional distance as you can, and stop yourself from watching her house etc. Keep the curtains closed facing her house if she is that close, and keep yourself busy with doing other things.


set some goals for yourself that will keep you doing things that look forward into the future, rather than back in her direction.

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