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insomniac much?

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for some reason for the past months i cant seem to fall asleep when i want to. most nights including school nights i dont sleep, and i mean i can stay awake upto 30 hours before i take a nap and then i will repeat the 30 hours of non sleeping.


i dont know if my problem is casued by stress as i have had stress problems, but so does everyone. maybe the sandman doesnt visit me, or prehaps i am insomniac which means not normal..


my question is, does anyone have a idea what i can do to fall asleep like counting sheep?

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Absolutely, I've had the same problem since I was a kid.


1) Go to bed at the same time every day, and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends

2) Don't hang out in bed to watch tv, read, etc..

3) Write out whatever's stressing you or talk to others about it if you have to

4) Exercise or keep VERY active/busy during the day

5) No caffeine


This is what my doctor told me when I was young, because I was diagnosed at an early age with insomnia

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Stress is one cause of insomnia. Others that come to mind include stimulants (eg. caffeine). I would say that you have chronic insomnia if you've had this for more than a couple of weeks. Is there something that is stressing you out?


Check out this link from American Family Physician:


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i dont drink anything apart from water so no cafine, yea masturbating use to work but not anymore, its gotten to the point where im immune to the effets of self pleasure, infact in my time zone its 4:24 am and im still on this thing. and even if i got off the pc, i would just be looking at the ceiling

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actually theres this girl ive liked for ages and im still trying to get over her, theres so many issues cause alot of people expect alot from me, and i feel like i have to constantly prove myself but im not everything they expect of me


I think these are the issues that are keeping you from sleeping. From what you wrote, it sounds as though you only have trouble falling asleep. Once you're asleep, do you stay asleep or wake up a lot? One tip that I heard may help people who have trouble falling asleep is to keep your mouth open--avoiding touching your tongue to the roof and bottom of your mouth while you breath.

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i sleep like a rock when i manage to fall asleep, that would be cause im out of energy, my parents dont know that i dont sleep but they know something is wrong with me cause my school grades have gone from a B to a D. i know that this girl is the centre of my problem but its so hard to deal with my emotion as i am depressed almost everyday but then i have to fake a smile when im around my friends

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Bingo thats the root cause, depression. In some people it causes them to sleep constantly and in others it causes bad insomnia. Your insomnia will probably alleviate with time as you get over this girl, and as for the expectations of others, remember that it's your life, not theirs you should do whatever makes you happy

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