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5 and a half weeks NC and he sends a Xmas parcel

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Hi guys,


I did NC on my bf for 5 and a half weeks and to my surprise he sent me a big xmas parcel which came yesterday. It contained 3 wrapped gifts for me and my family, and one especially for me. He also sent a card, addressed to me and family, which said "just a little something for xmas, with love".

Now, he has never met my family and it is NOT like we would exchange presents for each other's relatives before, so I'm kinda puzzled.


Do you guys reckon he sent that just to be polite? or is he using xmas as a way to initiate contact? I dont understand why he would take the trouble to go buy me and my folks presents and pay ££ to ship it. I dont know, it's just weird.


Thanks for any insight on this!

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Yeah....men are simple. (Here comes a gang of men right now to tell me I am wrong!)


Seriously, think nothing of it. More than likely, he didn't think of how it would affect you or upset your balance. He didn't think of any or all meanings you might or might not take from it.


Or..the other possibility...at which point...that is pretty unkind and a crap way to initiate contact! If that is the case, let him come to you face to face and ask for what he wants.


Most likely, he walked in a store and saw things he thought you might like. He saw things that your family might like. So he bought it. Then he sent it.


It makes people feel good to buy things for others. So he probably felt pretty good doing it.


That's all.


I wouldn't even send a thank you. Simply enjoy the gifts and forget about it.


anyways, that's my 2 cents.

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