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A Question to anyone who can answer.


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well, it's about my best female friend, she's my ex-girlfriend, and to me she is perfect...


well... today she met up with this 18 year old dude (she's 15) and she said she had a crush on him like 2-3 weeks ago... yesterday i asked her wether she was looking forward to today, and she said ''naa''.

this morning when i chatted to her, she told:

''I don't feel like meeting him''

so i said: ''why not?''

she said: ''don't feel like it..''

then i said: ''what do you feel like doing?''

and she answered. ''meeting you guys''

that's me and my best friend, both of us are her best male friends (i'm pretty sure about that)


well she met up with that guy, he's a skater, same as me... and we skate in the same area, so i went there to skate, and thought she was on a date with him, but all they were doing was sitting around talking with a few other skaters (seemed very boring to me)....


when i passed them, she was like ''you're mean, you always go away'' but hey, it was her 'date'... so i didn't want to interrupt.... but she told me it was mean of me for not staying there a couple times....


afterwards i asked what her day was like, and she said it was pretty cool... i was happy for her, but i wouldn't think sitting in the same spot for 5 hours talking to skaters is that fun...




basically this post is similar to my last one, except that i added a few things...


so what do you guys think from what it says?


thanks. later.

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although you dont actually say it, im guessing that you want to know if we think she likes you "In that way", well, the way i see it is that she considers you a close friend, but no more. she seems to only be casually dating this other guy when all their doing is sitting with skaters, which is likely why she wanted you to join them.


thats only my opinion though!




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thanks for that...


to be completely honest, the question wether she likes me ''in that way'' isn't my main question, it's a side question, since i would like to give it another try with her... maybe in the future...


but i'm just confused, because she knows that i don't hang around with that group of skaters, i hang around with others.. and she knows that....


i guess my main question is if she really is interested in that guy...


anyway, thanks...

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hmm.... lol.. well ok. maybe the question is if she likes me.. lol


well you're right Aura Seeker, maybe i should ask her.... but that'd take a lot of gutts... lol i suck at those kinda things...


well i might do so... i might give it a bit of time though....


thanks a lot...

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Hi there,


You never know, she may be waiting for you to say something. You should just say something.


What is there to lose? She will still be your friend. Just say that simple phrase. Do you think we should give it a shot together. A one second question. You may be surprised by her answer.





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