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My family is completely against me

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I just posted but now I can post again... I feel like I'm abusing this by asking advice so soon but this is different too.


I don't know what to do anymore. Any time one of my bratty siblings (both younger) yells, I get the blame for it. I had one of my siblings take a receipt to where they work to adjust something because I forgot my card. All I did was ask if I got it back in cash, or back on my card. They scream at me. "OBVIOUSLY IT'S CASH, WHY WOULD IT BE BACK ON YOUR CARD?!" Like... what? I shop a LOT, and I know that even with a debit card, a lot of places won't give you back cash! So she THREW my cash down the hallway at me (and this was NOT a difficult thing to ask for an adjustment, at all. And I have never needed one before) So then we start going back and forth like why are you throwing that, obviously places put it back, well you're not understanding how would they know your card number? (and places often just need the receipt to pull up the transaction and they have the card number even if only the last 4 print on a receipt.)

Sounds completely utterly stupid.


But then my entire family is in on this. Screaming at ME. Saying to me "SHE DOES SOMETHING FOR YOU AND YOU HAVE TO TREAT HER LIKE THIS?!" And I didn't do anything-- honestly, nothing. Nothing. They just heard what I said we bickered about and it was just in a loud yelling voice that's all. They get this because my siblings are just brats. And I'm 21 so why am I at home? Well I am in college and believe me, I've gone over my options!

And they're going on and on about how my sister did this for me-- I don't get it. I don't get it. What did she do, what favor, how did she go out of her way? She went psycho on me and I didn't do anything-- she's just like that. Ever since she was little, she snaps and is a brat (18 years old now).

I was so upset. My parents BOTH ganged up on me, yelling at me. I didn't do anything. I was so frustrated I had no voice, I couldn't yell any louder. I know I couldn't have possibly have physically hurt my dad but I just slapped at him because I was so frustrated they would not listen to me. M ydad pushed me so hard I went off the floor and my head almost hit a marble corner table that comes up in front of a mirror by a foot. My head would have cracked right open and I'm not exaggerating. I am so upset. This isn't like us. I don't know who I'm supposed to tell this to; this has never happened. Typing it up can't express how I'm feeling... or how critical this actually was. For real... my head was right at that sharp corner and my hip is hurting so bad from landing on it. I was so close to hitting it, I can't believe this night has happened out of nowhere. I don't think my dad understands and he won't listen. He's not violent and he's never hit me. My brother who is 13 was in his doorway in front of this and said "WHOA" and sounded so scared like he saw the whole thing and how far I flew and how close my head was. I'm so scared I never thought something could go that far, granted I shouldn't have slapped at my father. But I just slapped at him because nobody would listen to me and I'm so sick of being ganged up on because one of them has to whine and I am in the room.


We're not this dysfunctional family and I'm not some tough girl either that can handle herself. I'm so upset... and they're so mad at me. This is what happened. If I want the right advice obviously I'm going to tell the truth.. and I didn't do anything. I just want someone to talk to I'm sorry I'm on here so much with one thing after the other.


This sounds so stupid and I can only imagine what I sound like. But I am not some immature little girl. And I am so afraid of what just happened. Things with my parents and them screaming at me for every little thing have died down a lot and things have been better... and then this. I don't get it at all. I don't think I'm a 'victim,' but anyone I've ever known who was a 'victim' has stretched things and not understood things themselves.


I just want to know who else has gone through this-- things getting crazy in a home that is not crazy... if that makes sense, I don't know.



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My parents have been yelling at me since 14. They just see things differently you know? You just gotta tell yourself that people react differently to different things. That was pretty entertaining until the physical part.


One thing I did was ignore everything...that isn't good because right now my relationship with my parents is so bad. We are good on somethings and they never yell at me anymore but we barely speak at all. I don't even say "hi" to them and they never say it to me.


The best thing to do is not to aggravate the next fight and keep your cool.

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My parents and my family were all like this to me at 21. But it got worse...


I hope yours work out. I understand exactly what you are going through.


My brother (16mths older) was a big time pot smoker... he would hassle me for money, it was bad enough, he worked full time, i was studying full time... if we got into a fight my mum would yell at me.. and tell me it was all my fault and every one would gang up on me.


I dunno, why, i kinda thing maybe i was doing well... and it was some sort of levelling they did... to bring me down in their eyes to make themselves feel better about themselves, i dont know... i still dont get it... i still dont understand. when i was much younger, no matter what went wrong in the house it was all my fault.. somebody didnt do the washing up. it was me. Somebody did this or did that... it must have been me... one night i was sitting in my room crying... over an incident just like the one you wrote about... and my mum asked me what was wrong.. i told her... i told her that they all gang up on me.. she sort of listened,,, and once one evening every one started doing it again and she noticed... but she fell back in her rut and things just got progressively worse,.


I know it sucks but the best thing i did was get away from them. I have had a really hard life.. like i said i was studying full time... but i just had to get out.

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I know exatily how you feel.Cept my family is only dysfunctional with me if you get me.

Cause you the older one they seam to blame you cause the younger one is there baby and they wouldnt do anything like that and your ment to take more responsibility.


What i do is just plain be a b***h.or just get out of the house to my besties house.

I hate the way i get treated so i just retreat to my bedroom or my mates house.

Hope it helps ^^

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