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Really Annoying During Sex,, Starting To Upset Me....


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hey everybody...

i am posting a problem that i have come accross with myself over the past few weeks...

i have been with my partener just under 2 years and after 9 months we started having sex. sex 'was' great...but hence the word 'was' now i feel i do not satisfy his needs.

you may or may not know i am in a wheelchair and that affects my hips and strength of my back muscles. everytime we have had sex it has been missionary (guy on top)...but he likes it better italien hanger (girl on top) and i love that too because i feel the sensation is soo much better... but the other day we got into a mess. from my waist up my body is a lot longer than his... and so when i am on top because of my back i cannot manage to sit up proper... but even leaning up at arms length he seems to be smuthered in my boobs (some may say he had died and gone to heaven being smuthered by boobs,, but i don't feel right like that and he never looks like he enjoys) because i am that much taller...this bugs me because i really want to do it proper-- but i cannot do that,, do you have any suggestions on how i can make this work...?? or prehaps i should just scrap this and stick with what we know (just after a while that gets tidious)

ps... this may sound somthing out of nothing but it is getting to me ...



Thanks in advance xxxx

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sounds like quite the perdicament! ..I can't say id know what to do as im not in that situation. But i think what i would do..would be to talk with him about how u feel. That u feel like ur not satisfying his needs. You could be wrong ! Communication is key to any relationship and im sure he understands that its difficult for you to do it "properly". Also, maybe u guys just need to get experimental and try some new techniques. See wut works for the both of ya! You've been together 2 years? You should be comfortable enough with ur partner trying new things. Don't get discouraged gurly!

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trying new things isn't a problem...well not really- i just yeah i talk to him but his reply is always 'its fine' or 'don't worry' and i hate it when guys do that... the only other thing he wants to do is anal and i'm sooo against that...any ideas....


thnk you for your reply ...*angelbomb* xxx

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hi sxy.


To tell the truth, usually guys will say what they mean. If he says don't worry, he is probably just fine with things as they are.


That said: it is always fun to try different things and make sex better.


I don't know your particular situation physically, so can't give those kind of tips.


However, if it is the physical aspect that is 'getting in the way' or limiting certain aspects, there are tonnes of books and resources out there for working around it.


Also, you could always contact an organization - you might even be part of one? - where you can chat with other women who are in the same sort of spot as you. I'm sure they would have lots of tips, have found a lot of ways to work with it (and work it . And to commiserate and vent frustration.


Main thing is to deal with the occasional frustration and to be creative. That is a given for all of us, 'cause sex can be frustrating and weird and funny and a million other things. And it can become repetitive if ya let it.

There are a million ways you can add excitement too without even getting totally naked or having intercourse. Play and have fun.


And, sometimes ya just gotta laugh and get on with it. It made me smile to hear your description of your bf being smothered out with a facefull of boobs.


And about the anal ...if you aren't comfy with that, that is totally fine. Please don't ever feel like you need to do that in order to satisfy him - you don't. I'm sure your bf would agree that he is with you and gets excited because he is with you - not bc of certain things you do or don't do - more than anything. Leave it as a fantasy for now ...it's good to not get everything you desire right away

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Have you tried other positions? How about you still on top, but facing away from him. Personally I don't have that many off the top of my head, but you can buy a little book called, Kamasutra.


Or bring in some kinky items/apparel.


Had the same thought, you don't have to turn around everytime you're on top, but every second time would be just as good.


Most males love it with their woman on top facing away, and you can put your hands on his legs for support. And he gets a chance to fondle and look at the cute butt!


Good luck, and yeah the Karma Sutra would give you lots of ideas.

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yes these are good ideas... thanks... i tend to feel a lil' embarresed you know like if you are making out and everything is getting really hot... and the stopping to say yeah could you move this leg here and this here etc...i don't know maybe i am just being ott about this..??

is there anyone out there that experienced simular things...??

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