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No contact from her?

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Here's the story:


Seeing each other a couple of weeks. We went out one evening (no alcohol) - both had fun, she stayed over - cuddled up, comfortable, slept together (not for the first time). Next morning - barely spoke to me, seemed vacant, we parted awkwardly (mainly because of how she was acting). Messaged her wondering what was wrong later that day - no reply. Next day, messaged her again - light-hearted just to say hi - no reply.


What should I do? Do I call her tomorrow and see if she's OK or is this what's called giving me the cold shoulder - should I take the hint?


Seems so odd that things can be so different from one day to the next.

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Yep. Same thing happened to me. I got all the LOVE talk though, except she never said the words. If you look up some of my posts about the "fling", you can read up on it.


I don't really know what makes someone hot and cold. It sucks. Maybe she is looking for a non-commital relationship. I know that in my case, I will text her (just did so today) and we will have great rapport. Laughing, having a good time and then POOF, she is gone.


I don't know why or why I put up with it, but I do. It seems we always want what we don't/can't have.


Call her and physically leave a message. Leave it flirty. If she doesn't call you back, then leave it alone...if you can.

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