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should I call her or should I wait for her?


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Hi people, I'm new to this sites and I need some advice


There is this girl I like (she liked me too) and we used to be ''best friends'' (actually more than friends, something between being together and friends but it never escaladed from there). I never bust a move on her because I was fearing rejection. Slowly we started to talk less to each other but when we talked it was casual. As time went by, for 3 weeks, we stopped talking to each other...


But because I liked her too much I had to do something about it, so I got up to her and asked her what's up? She responsed in a good way and after that day we started to talk to each other, casual talk again but this time I didn't see positive signs from her body lang (she never looked in my eyes..that stuff).


That was last week - now we are having 3 weeks holiday and I'm wondering if I should call her to keep things flowing or should I wait for her to call me? what is the next step? I don't want to rush things..

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