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I wish I could do NC!!!

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My ex and I have been apart since April. We have a little boy together. So I have to see my ex on a regular basis. I wish that I didn't have to but and the same time I won't trade in my little boy for anything. This month has been extra hard on me. What really sucks is that everytime we talk about anything having to do with my son she always makes it a point to mention something having to do with her personal life. That just kills me inside. I don't want to know. Why would she do that to me? I know that if I didn't have to see her at all I would be better off. My point to all is NC is a great thing for everyone that is hurting. Take it from me. If you can do NC. Do it! It would help in more ways than you can image. Thanks for reading and all for all the help that you guys have given me this year. I trust next year will be better for all of us here at ENA. Happy Holidays To All!!!!

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