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I failed a class... is there any way to fix it?

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I failed a class... I'll be a senior in college in another month. I've never failed a class ever. I don't know by how far I failed. I don't know what grade I deserve because we only had 1 midterm, 1 final, and 1 paper. And the last two I don't know what I got on them but I didn't think I'd have failed them entirely...


So do I call up my school and get my teacher's contact information and ask her about it? She said she'd e-mail people their grades and results if they wanted but I didn't think I'd have failed and just wanted to see what I got when I got my report card.


I mean really, can anything be done? I don't personally know anyone that's failed but people who have told me have just let it go.



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Hey Martha,


I failed two classes in one semester. One F I deserved, the other I did not. I did not contest the grades nor contact my professors.


I guess it would not hurt to contact your professor or even try to see him/her if she/he still around and discussed what happened.


The only thing I can advise is to work your tail off the rest of your semesters. F's are like bowling balls on your overall GPA. I still managed to graduate with a 2.9 and get into grad school. Try not to think your life is over because it isn't. So sorry about your grade.



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Contact your professor, ask to see your final exam, and ask what you did wrong. if you are borderline, you might find a point or two where something was misgraded and you might be able to get a few points that way. (i have done that before many times!)


if you are no where near the borderline, don't bother arguing for points.


can you take the class over? some universities, if you take the class over, your old grade will be wiped out. go talk to the office on campus (student services?) and find out what they say. or go talk to your department secretary.


hang in there!

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Yeah contact the teacher to find out where you went wrong, what's to lose? I remember one time at Uni they accidently punched in the wrong grade for me in one subject and had be had failing after not doing the exam when my real grade was a Credit (this was fixed up promtly once they discovered it). So who knows.


But even if you do end up failing its not the end of the world. We all have times in our life where we don't initially succeed, you just have to pick yourself up and keep going for it. As long as you keep applying yourself and learn from your mistakes you'll do fine!

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First, you have to wait and see if you failed this class. If you did, find out what your scores were. If they were too low, you will have to take the class again. It should be easy the second time. You may be able to do it by correspondence or over the Summer, or over the winter break.

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I did fail it; I just got my report card today.


I will take it again but this is seriously happening at the worst time. I need the requirement and now I understand it more for next time at least.


This creates such a huge mess of issues. I don't even know where to begin with the problems this causes, it's terrible. I will have to figure it out on campus with someone. I will probably get the instructor's contact info and ask where I went wrong so I know for next time... that will at least get me some answers and I can take it from there hopefully.



What a waste. All those hours... and the whole semester that this class interfered with my productivity and learning in my other courses. A compete waste. It was a waste. It will help me for next time but that's all it will do. I failed and I wasted so much.

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Contact your professor - Contest the grade. Ask her/him if there is ANYTHING you can do to increase your total points.


I came close to failing a class or two in college. I worked my way to a passing grade.

One of my co-workers argued anytime she got less than an A. I'm pretty sure her grade point average ended up being a 3.9 or 4.0.


It's worth a try mrth. What to you have to lose by contacting them?

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Oh yeah, I definitely argued a lot of my grades up and it really did make a difference. I can't tell you how many times I had an 89% (a B+) and I was able to find a point here or there on the final exam that was misgraded by a tired or grumpy TA and I went to the prof and got a 90% (A-). definitely, it is worth it. If you are borderline, it is always worth contesting.


One time, I even got my grade bumped up and I didn't even ask for it! A student in the class contested a question on the exam, and the prof agreed, and then bumped everyone's grade up who didn't do well on that question, thus my grade went up too. very cool.

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