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This girl seems into me...I wonder if I'm handling it properly.

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Sometime in November, I exchanged cell numbers with an Asian girl that just joined the office. I told her that I'd call her to set up an open house with me, but never followed up.


After I was away from the office for a long time, she called me on my cell to tell me she was 'checking up on me to see how I was doing because she didn't see me at the office' and told me she would be in on December 20th.


I was away from the office on December 20th, so I called her to follow up with her, and she told me the next time she's at the office is on Friday December 22nd (today), and I should be in at that time.


I was away from the office today, and called her again to follow up, and she said that she may be at the office on Saturdays or working at Coffeetimes with her parents business and we just wished each other happy holidays.


It seemed nice that she was calling me, even telling me when she was at the office, and frankly, I'm not used to this type of 'interest' in anyone, or it's foreign to my schema and think I'm not trying hard enough to reinforce her interest.


Right now we've finished talking, and I dont know whether to ask her out (but she works at a coffee place), or simply play it by ear and wait until the next time she's at the office, or invite her to an open house sometime in the new year (where we'll be spending allot of time together on it anyway).


Any comments on this one? Is she into me or just trying to reach out to people because she's relatively new at the office and is looking for some friends?


My own policy is that I want to pursue every girl who is interested in me (at least until Feb 3rd), and go out on at least five dates with her, since I'm not used to dating girls or being around them in general. I like her since she's Asian and I dont have any Asian women in my life, and may want to see if there is anything else in common later. As of late this 'open borders' policy seems to be driving me crazy as I'm scheduled to meet two new people from the internet next week, I'm working on antoher two, plus I have another person that I have already meet, plus two other 'friends' of the family, and feel that some people are inevitably going to fall through the cracks if I think I can accommodate everyone without having any other selection criteria other than interest. I never envisioned I would be this popular or a scenerio like this possible or plausible due to my own esteem issues, but now I feel lost since I'm losing focus.


I didn't go on the office today because I was preparing to take another girl out today 'friend', and I woke up late because I was writing an online message to another girl from the internet. I feel I'm lost for dates as I want to hold off dating until the Christmas/Boxing day part is over and then start aggressively pursuing again.


Anyway, any comments? I dont want her to lose interest.

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Don't ask her out. Suggest you two hang out but have something in mind. Make it away from a coffee shop since she works at one. Perhaps an activity date or a dinner date would be fine. I would shoot for a very casual dinner date.


It's okay to suggest a hang out with a girl too late, but it's never okay too early. In other words, there's never a need to appear anxious. Patience is confidence. Don't ever think, "it's now or never."


If her body language was good and she appears interested, do it.

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She may be interested in you but the only way to find out is to set up a date with her. While you were trading phone calls back and forth you could and should have suggested that you two meet for coffee or drinks after work. That way you get some face time instead of using the phone as your primary means of conversation.

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