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Trying TOO hard or just fun?


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So...if a single woman has a big screen tv with satellite tv (compelte sports package too) AND a HOT TUB in her living room, is she just really really fun, or trying way too hard to attract a man?


(The big screen was a nice touch, but the hot tub freaked me out just a little bit....but only at first.)

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Maybe she just likes to watch tv while she's in the hot tub.


If she makes enough money that she can afford to treat herself to these things, more power to her.


It seems to me like a lot of trouble and on-going expense to go to just to attract a man.


Have you asked her how/why she managed to get that configuration of things in her home?

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Heck, if I could afford to do that, I would! Though I would probably worry about the moisture levels in the house..lol.....and move it to a sunroom....


Maybe she just likes sports, having sports watching parties and having a hot tub to watch sports and tv in!


Sometimes us women DO do things that WE like you know for ourselves

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